New grower, got sprouts, have questions

I think I’m officially into vege, probably a week later than I should to be because of the sprout lighting & irrigation control problems.

Thanks to everyone for helping me through the crisis.

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I thought I’d post an update tonight. I’m 31 days from sprouting.

Here is everyone. I swapped the Gold Leaf photo to the front right because it’s the only one I’m still training.

The WW CBD Auto (back, left in the group) looks like it is in pre-flower.

The CBD Kush auto (front, left in the group) looks like it’s on the verge of pre-flower.

The CBD Critical Mass auto (back, right in the group) is still in vege but I’m impressed with how well it opened up with some aggressive LST.

The other main item of note is water usage has doubled in the last couple days. Each plant is now drinking an average of 0.5 gpd. The Critical Mass has the least runoff. The Gold Leaf has the most. Thankfully, I made the decision to plant in coco & perlite and I can water to the Critical Mass’ needs and not worry about drowning any of the plants.


Looking good! The one seems to be in preflower and will stretch a bit shortly. Coco is a great growing medium! I made the switch a few months ago and I’m never looking back!


I’m trying to decide if I should some light defoliating of the CBD Kush auto a little. The base hasn’t opened up nearly as much as the other two autos (white widow & Critical Mass). I was thinking the bottom inch or two of fan leaves.

In order these are the CBD Kush, Critical Mass, & White Widow.

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I wrote the wrong order above.

It’s White Widow, Critical Mass, & CBD Kush on the bottom.

Plants look great :+1:t2:. I would try tucking those leaves instead of cutting them off. Once you hit flower you can take a couple here and there if necessary. They have some height so I don’t think airflow is a problem. As you get later into flower you will be able to take more because the plant won’t need them as much.

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Thanks, I’ll look at tucking them tonight.

You know, other than the initial stretch & a pH issue that cropped up in bloom, it has been a really easy grow so far.

That’s good. I hope it continues to go easily for you.

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Plants are looking amazing and I would clean anything blocking bud sites

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You are in great shape set up for the back stretch.

Keep a close eye on things but don’t change anything drastically.

I grow in peat pots and before I transplant them into 5 gallon pot ,I cut the peat pot vertial cuts to allow the roots to spread out.

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The Kush looked better last night after some tucking. I’ll check on it after second feeding to see how well it stayed in place.

I might even pull them all out today and give them a once over on tucking. Nita been a while since I’ve taken the white widow out.

It rebelled again. Instead of cutting the lower fan leaves off the Kush, I just tied them up a bit. I remembered that’s what I did to the Critical Mass to open it up.

Is this bloom or still pre-bloom?


You are in flower :+1:t2:

I’m looking at how much these have stretched in pre-flower & flower and started wondering if I should put out a scrog net for support.

Two have already put on a foot of growth.

Should I or leave as-is?

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They look great and got big! I don’t use a scrog but it’s my understanding that you want the plants to grow through them to help maintain an even canopy. You could try super cropping a couple tall ones or waiting till the stretch is done and put something under the pots of the short plants.

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Got a camera lens today.

If I want to maximize the amount of CBD, I want to harvest when the little fuzzies are milky and very little amber, right?

I love how well this gold leaf has responded to my remedial LST & topping.

I’m now trying to keep it more or less at this height and pick the 12 - 16 thickest colas to take into bloom sometime in February or March. It’s maybe 12 - 18” tall.

I think I’ve learned a lot from the gold leaf photo & next time I’ll be less timid in trimming autos.

I think I’m going to get a few popcorn buds on the autos because I didn’t trim off undersized colas.

I also think next time I’ll do two cannabis plants at a time and fill the remaining tent space with tomatoes or other herbs.