New grower, got sprouts, have questions

I’ve decided I can’t fully defoliate the top of the plant without hurting the plant in the process. I also don’t think I really need to. My light is still visible through the canopy.

I think I’ll do another round of defoliating below the canopy instead.

Also, a few pistils are started to redden. Let the bud porn begin.

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Wife: I just want to stay home this weekend, smoke pot, & make art.

Me: I’ve got a pound of fresh bud in the fridge waiting for you to sample it.

Wife: Oh, yeah.

Me: I’ll be building a kegerator if you need me.


Trying to decide if I should worry about this nutrient deficiency or just let it go for another 4 weeks to harvest.

It’s showing up on top leaves randomly across the plant. Not very many.

Not the nute-burn on the tips. The rust & yellow spots close to the stalk.

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Could just be an accumulation of days where my nutrient reservoir ran dry and I didn’t immediately refill it.

clears throat

Like today.

Flowers look great! If it’s a deficiency it could affect the buds full development. Do you have any recent run off numbers?

I’ve been lazy. I haven’t been testing lately.

I need to mix some new nutes and run them through in a couple hours. I can tell you then.

My wife tried the Critical Mass smoke last night. It sounded a bit strong & harsh. I might have dried it too fast or left too much sugar leaf on the buds.

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When I do a test bud even after a week of curing their still a little harsh. I’ve found that curing them longer mellows that out :love_you_gesture:

I used a WeDryer. I dried them. I jarred & burped them long past stability. They’ve been in packages with Boveda packs for almost a month and stored in a fridge.

I’m reasonably confident it’s either over drying in the WeDryer or leaving too much plant matter on.

We’ll see if it mellows with more age.

This is what the worst of the damage looks like, but there still isn’t much of it.

Irrigation stats:
pH = 5.8
TDS = 1480 (Jacks + tap water)

pH = 5.4
TDS = 2800

I’m probably getting salt accumulation in the bottom of the planter because I haven’t been religiously vacuuming the saucer daily.

Looks like a need to cal-mag & flush the plant this weekend.

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:point_up_2: I’ve been guilty of this when I was top feeding, the medium and plant will wick that run off back in creating the higher numbers coming out than going in. Your girls look great and with such minor spots…that could have been lensing from light burn from water droplets from top feeding in the last :love_you_gesture:

I would water feed for the next one to a good run off and check those numbers, it might take another water feed only to get that down to 1000 and if soil go in with a PH of 6.8-7.0 to get that 5.4 back in a range of 6.2-6.8 :love_you_gesture:

My wife is describing smoking the Critical Mass as being, “harsh like a bad cigar” and having a “tarry weed” flavor.

I’m in coco-perlite, so I try to hit a 5.7 - 6.2 pH range.

I got a late start on flushing the plant. I got 5 gallons through the 10 gallon pot before lights out.

I ran pH 6.1 cal-mag + tap water at 300 ppm through it.

After 5 gallons, I was recovering pH 5.6 runoff at 1500 ppm.

My supposition is that I flushed the salts out enough that I started recovering roughly my normal strength Jacks 1-2-3 fertigant.

Trying to decide if I should flush another 5 gallons through tomorrow evening or let it ride.

These aren’t going to be ready in 2 weeks.

Some freaking fat colas on this gold leaf though.

Also, microdosing after my big workouts is really working for me. I ran a 5k last night (actually ran one for the first time, although I still did not break 45 minutes).

I took two of the 1mg THC & CBD gummies after I finished. I only have a little joint pain this morning. Muscles feel fine and relaxed.

My wife is finishing off her dispensary bud & describes it also as harsh, but less so than mine. So maybe I didn’t f***-up my trimming as much as I thought I had.

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