New grower giving updates

If it is isolated I would not worry about it.


Just keep an eye on it for now.

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Yeah, just keep an eye on it. Is it upper growth or lower growth?

Upper growth

Now it’s turned brown in one spot. I’m not using any nutes just relying on the organic soil and happyfrog potting soil on top. I did grab some maxi bloom General hydroponic since I heard the soil could run out of nutes. Any suggestions? @Caligurl @Bubblehead

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Can you give us a picture of whole plant? Is it primarily on lower leaves?

Thats calcium def need to add some cal mag the rust spots in between the veins thats what it means i hope lol my plant was doing it mine just got bad before i figured it out

then after i fixed the problem. I broke the top off the plant my luck @Four20

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It’s kind of isolated on top and bottom leaves

The other one is starting to yellow on one bottom leaf

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That almost looks like phosphorus deficiency. Liquid bone meal is what I use.

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The overall plants look good. I’m tagging @covertgrower because I think there might be several things going on.

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Ok thank you @Caligurl. Also I had a ph tester arrive tonight and I’ve been using spring water to water them. I just measured the spring water and it’s ph is 7.3. Could that be causing nutrient lock out

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Yes @Four20 that could be the problem ph to high for any grow soil 6.5 -7 coco 5.5-6.5

@Treasurestoy thank you. What would you recommend to do? Should I keep using the spring and use ph down. I’m just trying to be simple with it lol

I don’t know anything about the Detroit nutrient company soil but after reviewing some pictures I have I think is both calcium and magnesium that are deficient. I’d add some calmag to your next watering and go from there. Others will have more input.

Sounds good. I’ll be making a trip to the store tomorrow

Yes you can use spring water and ph down but most people would recommend using ro water i use tap water with ph down and dechlorinator.yoy have to get your ph in range

After you get your ph tester you should water to run off and test the water if the ph is not correct run about 2 gallons of. Phd water through your media then test run off again if its correct ph then you should feed your girls and let dry out some

Yes. Sweet spot in soul is 6.5. You can google how to do a soil slurry test and see what the pH is at the roots then let me know and we will go from there. Do you have any pH Up and pH down? You can buy it at hydroponic stores

Soil slurry test will give you a better idea of what’s going on

So I did the slurry test and got a ph of 6.1 and also did the tds and got 755ppm. @Caligurl

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