New Grower- Give Me your opinion!

Just trying to see how my plant looks, today marks a month since i planted the seed in the soil.
Im familiar with vegetables and crops but this is my first indoor grow.! I am kind of worried in the last picture about the splitting of one of the leaves. I am using a grow box lined with aluminum foil, humidity is steady at 42% temperature 70-77 and i am using miracle grow indoor soil. water steady daily about 1/4 cup.


You might want to transplant into her forever pot. I’d look at getting a cannabis friendly medium and ditch the MG. Lots of other variables so if you could fill out a support ticket and continue to update here and folks will help you get to harvest and be successful!


My 20day old plant in actual cannabis grow dirt(roots Organics). This was after I learned from here to ditch the Miracle Grow and use appropriate media.

as you can see…BIG difference!


@Goatman, Fox Farm is one of the more popular materials people here it seems. It’s a tad expensive but well worth it. Do you have an ph meter?


Promix is also a good choice for medium. Just need to start the nutrients earlier.


The MG soil isn’t the problem… it’s over-watering… :wink:
Let the soul dry out a lil… it will help it to grow… she’s drowning… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Looks like she needs a bigger pot :slight_smile:

And more light.

I will agree with most of the comments posted
But will add this
First month there is limited growth above soil and plants will appear to stall out as you mentioned
Plants look good after transferring them into larger pots but id say it almost time to repot to forever homes
And as @peachfuzz mentioned you can griw in MG soil the fertilizer mix just isnt best for mj
I perfer the promix myself as @HJL mentioned tho you need to start feeding early with it cause it has no nutrients in the soil but i perfer that tbey get what i give them i also use RO water so no or
Little trace minerals there as well


Here is a picture of my White Widow autos, they are 5 weeks old after sticking their heads out of the dirt. I also use Miracle Grow but it looks like my pots are much bigger. I’ve had good results, this is my 3rd Grow but I think I’m going to go to 3gal pots for the next Grow.


New indoor grower. White Widow auto. 5gal. fabric pot. 30 days after sprout using MG potting mix.20180223_145357|281x500


Nice grow for 5 weeks @zach