New grower flowering stage

I wouldn’t necessarily do a flush. But if your in week 9 of flower I would be giving her nothing but water until harvest. Once you see all those new white pistils recede and turn brown she will be ready. You can also monitor her trichomes with a jeweler’s loupe, just make sure your looking at trichomes on the calyx and not the sugar leaf’s as they tend to mature well before the others.


Start giving those girls something to put weight on them!!!

Soil- back strap molasses, sea weed and kelp, honey and a little bat guano to fill out the mix ( it adds nitrogen so use sparingly)

Hydro- find some synthetic product like beastie bloom that’s high in potassium and phosphorus and low in nitrogen

You still have about 2-3 more feedings left before you flush. Add a flowering booster


How often with a flowering booster? Use up till flush time and then stop?

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So for soil, I can use any of those ingredients and sparingly sprinkle on top soil and leave alone or water in at feeding time? 1st grow thanks for the tips!

Hey @Mlholtsclaw, welcome to the best forum ever.
I just finished a NL auto not long ago. It went 100 days from seed to chop.
Your plant is looking very good but its going to get fatter and more mature as it ages more.
At 63 days it is still young. The hard part is waiting it out now so dont get in a hurry.
Figure at least 3 or 4 weeks more. Watch the trichomes with a jewelers loupe. If you dont have one they are not expensive. About 10 dollars on amazon will buy the 40x 60x double loupe.


Ok, thanks a ton, now my concern flips to this, all leaves turned brown in a matter of days! Is it about to die and need to harvest early or can it be saved? Getting 1/2 gallon of water every other day. And feeding them every other watering.

As it finishes it will pull food from the old leaves to produce more buds. Shes trying to find pollen and making every effort to do so.
I would keep feeding for now until the trichomes start turning cloudy. Then plain water only.

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Check out the photos in this thread

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So this one in that post WAS ready? I didnt see how old it was. Thanks!

They were still asking him to look at the trichomes.
Just remember that counting days is just an estimate. Not gospel.
But few plants will be ready at 63 days from seed.

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First rule of thumb…don’t go by how long the seed company says for flowering. Because they grow in perfect conditions and as home growers, we don’t have that. I always add about 2 additional weeks from what the seed company states.


Use flower booster in your regular feeding schedule, it will give carbs/sugar to help the buds put on weight

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I have some of this will add tonight.

I actually add a little sugar every 3 days.

You want something that boost the phosphorus and potassium more then add lots of sugars also

The others have you covered, @Mlholtsclaw. I just dropped by to say welcome to ILGM. :v:

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First welcome to the community, I am going to Echo @Spiney_norman my experience with Northern Light Autos they take a while to finish I have had them to go 120 days seed to harvest but well worth it one of my favorite autos. Good luck finishing up @Mlholtsclaw nice plant.


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Ok I feel better with the time frame and being patient with these girls. Next, should I still be pruning? I pruned for a couple weeks earlier in flower but tons of leaves now. Is it okay to prune up till harvest time?

I use 1 tbsp of black strap molasses to 1 gal of pH water every 3rd feed for the sugar boost.