New Grower. First time mistakes

I am not familiar with terms used. I just had my first 2 seeds sprout, in a window. the first sprout was way too large. It ended up growing close to the ground in a circle. so i propped it up. this was just an experiment, to see if i could grow. I think the seeds were a hybrid. From what i read it was either lighting, or just the fact it was a hybrid. Right now my setup is very primitive. I wanted to know if I move the plant from a table in my room to the closet will I have better results. My lighting is a horticultural LED lamp
120v 60hz 9w 2000k? 140mA 300 lumens

I dont plan on having a large operation just 2 - 4. Lessen my monthly expense. The pot i am using has a 22 1/2 inch circumference and is 7 1/2 inches tall. With modification and studying will this setup work ?

There are probably tons of questions like this, and it probably gets annoying. Thank you for bearing with us Noobs.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it for lighting. The plants are falling over because they are stretching beyond their limits trying to reach light that’s suitable. Cannabis is light hungry. Window sills and small fixtures isn’t going to produce anything. 2000k isn’t helping either. You want 3500k and above for vegging. Do you have a light budget? If not, outside is where the plants will need to be


Even a cheap blurple led is better than what you have now

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Thank you for the quick response. I can get better lighting. When I was first told about growing was 17 years ago. Most of what I was told is gone and what I do remember is questionable.


I hate blurples I had a “1500w equivalent” on my first grow and got 77 grams but it cost just as much as the hid i I have now and even in veg I can tell I’m doing way better than I did with the led

thats why we are all here im on my second grow so I’m no expert by far but the people I’ve been talking to on here are super helpful

What I suggest depends on how you feel how far you’re going to take this. I.E. is this something you just want to try or are you going to stick it out thick or thin? There are cheap lights that can grow bud but you’re going to sacrifice yield and/or electrical cost. And there are more expensive lights that pay for themselves over a short time in electricity and yield.

It really comes down to what kind of light budget you have.


Electricity bill is not an issue. I have always loved the first signs of a sprout on anything so this is something I definately will continue however and whenever i can. Ideally I would want a metal halide on a chain. Most of my electronics have died and I now have to replace them, but that is the plan. I would need to find a basic setup in the meantime.

Definitely the lighting and not the fact that it may or may not be a hybrid. Welcome to the realization that your light sucks :yum:. Had my awakening last week when my girls started stretching right away. I literally had to put my cheap LEDs four inches from the plants to stop the stretch lol. Then I went ahead and ordered two more less-cheap LEDs before I found this place. Now I can tell I’m going to end up learning how to put one of those QBs together in the near future. I gotta say though this second light I picked up is MUCH better than the first. If you not looking to spend the 400 plus your gonna have to for a good light let me know. I’ll link you the one I got. I have it hanging a good 24 inches above my ten day olds and they are happy.

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I would appreciate that link. I think it is a weird plant but in a good way.

I decided to move them outside but the damage is done. One of them is 4 inches but still upright. I think it is 3-5 days old. What, if anything should I expect?

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Honestly from everything I have read here just bury that sucker deep enough up the stem that it stands up strong…so a 4 inch seedling maybe bury 2-3 inches of it. The buried part will grow roots and it will grow just fine if it gets enough light after the burying.


Ordering a burple light is not going to solve your problem.

Why would anyone recommend one, is beyond me. That’s 320 true watts, yield and money wasted.

You wan’t a good light set up, as Bobby asked, what’s your budget?


In september about $250. I have been reading about growing too much, all night actually. Thats why I didnt answer.

Hey Zee I think we need to get @NeoGroR in here to do a intervention. Help people are recommending blurple save this poor beginner from bad advice and costly mistakes. Always get advice but do make sure the person giving advice doesn’t say from what I read. I would never buy a blurple I would recommend a hid or a Mars light if you have budget concerns.


@SKORPION 100% agree.

Am seeing new growers with no experience trying to help new growers, which am not questioning, but they need to be aware of what advise they are giving. A burple isn’t one…


Friends don’t let friends buy blurple.


Lmao, couldn’t have said it better!

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Ok ok my b…but I did say if you want a good light go with qb led setup :yum:. For 110 bucks could he do better than 320 actual watt output. I couldn’t find anything better in that range. Would grow two plants temporarily I reckon.

There gone, breathe everybody.