New Grower First Time Grow w/ Journal and Pics

My temps would be 65-75F and humidity around 60%. Oly is in a pretty temperate zone. That’s what my closet sits at.

Since I don’t have a tent in my closet, it’s hard for me to control RH.

For clones and seedlings in the kitchen, the temps in winter are a little lower and RH a little higher.

Like this one.


I’ve been trying for 20c, equivalent to approx 68f, at 60 to 70, they havent started flower yet.


I changed the meter to read C, its right at 76F. This is flowering with no tent and moderate ventilation. I have my new girls at the same thing same room, they are taking off.

I’ll grab some update pics in a few

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Banana Kush keeping up the rear, White Widow doing real good, Wedding Cake looking good as well.

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As of a few days ago they all seem to have stopped growing. we are now 24 days for wedding cake and Banana Kush is 23 days and the white widow is 22.
Banana Kush

Wedding Cake

White Widow Did a little defol o her and the wedding cake

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Had to take more off The white widow leaves on the soil from the lst.

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Is it possible you can get that WW turning more? And keep the top over. Its getting too strung out. The lowest branches are just starting to turn upwards (lst will increase these branches yields) so it will still move around without too much stress. If you dont need to, leave the leafs be. Is this a miniature grow space?

@SoGnotSOG No, it’s a 4x4x6, I’m not sure what you mean by turning the ww more. Can you edit the picture on your phone with some lines indicating what you want me to do. I also realized after my post with the dates that these girls are low on nutes right now. Gonna feed em up tomorrow, soil is still a bit wet from last watering.

@imSICKkid This is my grow.

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@FlxerPower, my grow.

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4x4 is nice area and ideal for 4 full sized autoflower, having done indoors decades ago with photos 4x4 would barely be enough for one :smile: The pic, pin the bottom between the two arrows, unclip the edge tiedown, I would put a dowel on the left side behind it and then pull the main counterclockwise into a question mark shape. Try to keep the first nodes flat where they are is close, but it has to go down farther I’m starting early on my new grow. I placed the rod over it yesterday and it’s already turned completely back up (dont have a pic yet) this morning. Couple more days to stretch and I’ll pin past the first node and start turning it. I think I tagged you in that journal if not I will again when I update it later today. I got plenty of time to burn along with my weed :smile:

Fresh. I can come back and delete these so it doesn’t clutter up the thread ok? Let me know

Na man, no worries the more ladies in here the better. I love lookin at the ladies.

Am I correct with this picture being what you mean

Smoking this right now, Wish I grew it lol.

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pin this down and each side next untie from the side get it lower yes and turn it counterclockwise the lower the better. You may have to place more pins along that turn. It’ll take it easier if you tie off the top and pull it around slowly. You wanna get it all down evenly over time and leave the top to keep reaching. Its going to look like a corkscrew. You know this is all a personal choice as how to grow one way or another they can all work and I’m not telling you to do this and then later you want to crop, all those lower nodes will have turned up towards your lights. I’m not sure this is a good route if you plan to put a net for regular scrog but it can be incorporated I think

@SoGnotSOG, No scrog this time maybe with a special selection of seeds I have called Muffin Mans Mistress, Special cross from my local hydro store. that’s my next plant after these babies are done. I’ll take a pic of what I’ve done so far with the lst after your suggestion

I saw this a couple months ago. I forget if was an Amazon review link, but this grower decided to turn the autos to conserve space. Seeing 18 inch tall lower colas spreading up is an awesome sight. I didn’t have the space to do even that with my last grow being so crowded for the available space but I am pleased

Theres 5 and a runt, that’s filling out like crazy. Nothing close to the next adventure tho


So this isnt yours?