New grower first auto is this a ph issue I’ve tried searching but I’m not sure

I’ve been watering with filtered water (000) tds ph to 6.3-6.4 happy frog,ocean forest,worm castings,perlite if I feed its humbolts secret nutrients at a 1/8-1/4 strength ph 6.4 week 6

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I see a little curling, but overall it looks fine. Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?


Last I checked on 3-19 ppm was 660 ph was 6.4 been giving 3ml of cal/mag per gal ph to 6.4 1/4 gallon on 3-21 an 3-24

I’ve always found 10 ml per week over all waterings for the week to be sufficient and I use very intense lighting, which drives up cal/mag demand. That said, if pH is in check I wouldn’t worry much about it.

Curling up like that (canoeing, tacoing, or whatever you want to call it) is often a pH issue, but your pH is fine. It could be due to light intensity. What are you using for a light?


Haning about 3ft mars hydro FC-E3000 dimmer on 60-65

That not too much light for a plant at ~60. Let it ride for a bit and see how it goes. You have nothing close to something that is unrecoverable at this point. Perhaps someone else will come along that has a differing opinion that can help you further.

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Thank you I appreciate all the help an info I’ll che k the run off to be certain it’s not ph

You in veg in coco right your ph shoukd be less than 6.2 , 5.8 -6.1 is optimun range for nitrogen uptake in coco base soils or organics ?ppm 400-600 is best , less is best always slurry test before you feed in soil !

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I was told the humbolts secret nutrient line was organic so I got that an no coco just happy frog,ocean forest,worm castings an perlite I honestly haven’t fed it much the last time I did it was at 1/4 strength ph was 6.4 ppm was 660 2 days later 1/4 gallon of water 3ml cal/mag 6.4 same last night

Veg it out long enough until its healthy , but you have to figure out whats going on at the root zone .
6.4 is high for veg in organics ? For optium nitdoven uptake your root zone should have a ph from 5.8 - 6.0 at 400 -600 ppm , 6.4 might be to high for that dirt mix.

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Awesome I’ll look into it I greatly appreciate the info thank you