New Grower failing miserably 0 for 2


I’m in bad shape but not deterred as I prepare for my third attempt. Before attempting to grow I thought I was reasonably intelligent. This plant appears to be proving me wrong.

Environment is ideal:

4x4 Grow tent
1200w LED light 3 feet above plant
Humidifier set to 70% at all times
18/6 light
Coco Coir pellet starters
Temp a steady 75 degrees
PH 6.2
6" air filtration system on LOW

In spite of perfect conditions to grow a seedling both attempts died four days after emerging from the coco pellete looking healthy. Never looked sick at all. I walked in on Day 4. Dead.

The second attempt yielded the same result. 2 seeds. 2 deaths. Both were Jack Herer Autos

That said, obviously my inexperience is keeping me from getting off the ground. Either that or I’m dumb as a rock and failed to realize it. Entirely possible I suppose but this isn’t rocket science. Thankfully, I’m a professional nerd, I kept a grow log but I can no longer trust my own judgement which is why I’m here. What I gleened from the log suggests my air filtration system, even on low, is drying out my starters. Both times they were dry after only two days. Based on my research a starter should be good for 6 to 7 days before it needs to be rehydrated.

Here’s the other thing that is completely illogical to me. Again, my research tells me air filtration is extremely important and necessary. Understood. However, it’s killing my seedlings!

My plan is to turn off the air filtration during the seedling stage. Allow them to grow and strengthen. Then turn on air filtration in week three. If not, i wouldn’t have any idea why I keep failing out while following the documentation to the letter.

All ears and thank you for the feedback. I need all the help I can get.

So just my two cents on what you stated above.

For starters, I wouldn’t plant your seeds (autoflowers) in anything but their final medium. (normally 3-5 gallon pots)

You mentioned the conditions being too dry despite your best efforts with a humidifier, etc. What is your RH inside the tent? You said 6-7 days before needing to be rehydrated?? Even at fully grown, you’ll need to water usually within a day or 2. I would also recommend (at seedling stage) you use a spray bottle. Get the leaves and the soil around the plant. Most growers here will put a clear plastic cup over the top of the seedling. (helps keep moisture in)

Your air filtration isn’t necessary at that stage, no. If you really think that might be the problem, kill it until they’re older.

Give us more specs on your light…is 3ft the recommended height for seedlings in the light manual?

update I just read where you said “Coco Coir pellet starters.” PERSOANLLY, I wouldn’t use these. Right into their final pot/soil for auto flowers.


OoWee thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it. The second grow I used a sprayer as you mentioned. No change. Still a fail. I was afraid of overwatering. The first round I didn’t use pellets. Dropped them right into the 5 gallon pots. They grew for three days and stopped. I tossed them after Day 7. Very frustrating but I’m not into losing. I’m a noob. Noobs make mistakes until they gain experience.

This third try I’ll plan to make at least these two changes but am open to more if necessary:

  1. Cut the air filter until week 3. Not necessary as you have confirmed

  2. No more Autos. It’s already bad enough I’m a rookie. Autos are extremely temperamental. This batch will be photo periods.

On the positive side I have germination down to a science. Nobody loses forever. Right? :flushed:

If this grow also fails I’m pretty much done with Coco.

The irony?

I grew 300 grams in my basement a couple of years ago when I had no clue what I was doing. I spend three months reading and learning how to grow and can’t keep the plant alive for five days. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


[quote=“Aiconic, post:1, topic:65396”]
Coco Coir pellet starters
[/quote]6 to 7 days before it needs to be rehydrated.

Your using coco & it should never go dry water & feed everyday. Don’t know about starter pellets needing nutes but coco needs nutes right away as it has none.

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When they stop growing like they, they are growing roots. You may have tossed perfectly good plants.

Also, I grow in soil so I’m not well versed on coco coir but if that’s soiless your PH needs to be lower. If that’s a soil/coco combo maybe your ok with soil PH targets but I’ll let someone else that is familiar with coco coir answer that.


So many experiences and opinions. My first two seedlings (ILGM White Widow Autos) were in jiffy pellets, in 25% RH air, no tent, no domes, I put them into their final pot around days 9-10, and they were happy. But don’t listen to me, I’m a noob. :upside_down_face:

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Overthinking it. I’m a professional nerd and sometimes it takes one to know one.


Seed. Soil. Water. Light. That’s it for the first two weeks. You’ve read too much and know too much advanced shit so now you know enough to be dangerous! You gotta walk before you can dance!

Get some organic soil seedling mix in a bag. Sprout your seeds (you know how lol) and plant em in seedling mix and just even stick em on the windowsill or under a weak light and just water em when they need it. For the first 2 weeks or so they need so little… don’t love it to death! A literally just turn off your targeting computer Luke and keep it basic for the next two weeks.

Do a couple more grows in premixed bagged soil and just keep it simple for a bit and resist applying all that learning for about a year. Then go crazy.


Are you intent on using coco for the entire grow?

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Not at all. In fact, I am considering changing to soil as some have suggested.

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Yep. 4x4 tent with all the trimmings.

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Thank you PB

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Thank you SF! Appreciate the feedback. I’m seriously considering changing to soil instead.

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Dude, I did this recently. Weeds legal in Vermont now and the wife was all “ you work hard, spend a little money and you might as well set up your grow room the way you want it “

F@ckin a.

I’ve been guerrilla growing for 15 damn years with shit for supplies and now I go and get a tent and a fancy fan with a controller and a really nice light and all the other shit I always wish I had so I could grow just like the big boys and my first time out was a f@cking sh!t show because I tried to do too much. I’d spent so much time reading about what everyone else was doing that I thought I could do it just as well without actually having any experience. it was a pretty big cognitive leap for me to realize that all the time I spent reading didn’t amount to anything nearly as valuable as the experience of actually doing it. I had to take a few really big steps backwards before I could start walking forwards. That’s just me Though. I’m old and stupid but hardcore nerd? Yep.


Oh yeah and all else fails go beg/buy clones!!!

Ok then, may I suggest that you use a peat based starter such as promix HP or an equivalent. The reason is coco is fantastic as a purely hydroponic medium, it must be considered a hydroponic strata. Thats why it needs to be moist constantly.
Peat based is easier to maintain moisture but can be allowed to cycle moist/ dry. It also transitions well with other media. In other words, if you choose to use a Fox Farms product or a home made supersoil it can be blended into it or even made with it as a base.
Heres a fantastic way to start your seed hastle free.
1… soak seed in chlorine free water over night, I usually do at least 24 hours.
2… prepare straight promix hp, enough to fill as many sour cream containers you need for you plants half full.
3… place material in a plastic bin and add enough water to it so a squeeze wont cause dripping… just damp.
4… pack your containers with this material and poke a 1/4" deep hole in the middle of them. Obviously the containers require ample drainage holes melted into the bottoms with a lighter or candle…
5… drop pre soaked seed into hole and back fill.
6… spray enough water on them, or use a syringe and drip 5ml in the area of the seed.
7… place clear plastic drinky glass or even a real glass over the seeded area to prevent evaporation.
Thats it!
Now you wait… a few days later the seeds will pop up and you can remove the glass.
Do not fertilize at all until the second set of true leaves appear, and then use quarter strength at best of your chosen plant food.

I have several of these waiting to be set free in the greenhouse about a month from now.


@Cannabian gave you great advice: mainly what you are not yet aware of is seedlings derive all of their water from the air, so 100% RH (dome) is ideal support for the first 10 days. If you use pure distilled or R/O water you do not have to worry about PH’ing the liquid as it will adopt the native PH of the medium.

I like Promix as well for the reasons stated: all of my plants are grown in Promix HP unless hydro.

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I went through a stretch where I was killing seedlings. I was giving them too much love and water. So I went super simple. I for the most part followed @Cannabian directions except after a 24 soak I put them in paper towels for the tails to grow to 1/2" or so.

Then put them in good starter mix, in this case coco, that I pack in pretty tight and moist. Then, wait for them to show. I have not killed any lately.

The starter tray has a clear plastic cover to retain humidity. I use a syringe and give them 5ml every day (in coco) maybe every other day in starter mix. I increase to 10ml once they have 2nd set of leaves.


hi sorry to barge in but i can’t seem to add a question. Complete newbie here. Never grown. So I’m wondering when to change from 24 hours of light for my seedlings to 18/6 for young plants. No i forgot to start and keep a diary. The two plants i have are Gold Leaf feminized, i received them as an add-on for my order. i stored for quite sometime and then germinated. two in water in the dark. Planted in Foxfarm potting soil. They seem to be doing fine. pictures here


Welcome! And there is no need to 24/7 on the lighting at any point, with the exception of maybe revegging a flowering plant to use as a mother for cloning. Not that 24 hours is bad perse, but perhaps not as efficient with the power usage. There are those that veg entirely with a 24 hour schedule but I question the veracity of that practice.
The most common thing is 18/6 for the entire seed to veg process and then 12/12 for flowering although there are a few different lighting schemes such as gas lighting and such.
I use 18/6 and switch to 16/8 to better match full dark period in early to mid May at my latitude. Your area may differ should you plan to mive them under the great and powerful :sun_with_face:. Again, welcome and theres lots of super growers here with skills in virtually every form of cannabis growing. In the future, should you choose to hail a grower simply place an @ in front of their name with no space example @myst :wink:

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