New grower experiencing issues

I’m a new grower and have ran into a problem with my biggest girl (super silver haze from i49). She started flowering about a month and half ago and everything seemed to be going great until up about a week ago.

I have been following 1/3 concentration of the soil feeding guidelines of the fox farm ‘big 3’ and noticed that a leaf began to yellow. A few days later, most of the fan leaves began to yellow, and some of them with brown tips and purple discoloration of some stems. I decided to flush it in hopes of saving it from what I thought was nute burn, but the leaves kept yellowing over the last few days.

I’m located on Long Island, NY, so the environment is humid and temps are mostly 80’s.

I’d give her a full dose of grow big. It’s has N in it, which is what she needs IMO. It’s natural for the yellowing of leaves, but a bit to soon. Nice looking bud sites you got growing!

Hi Zee, thank you for kind suggestion. I thought it needed N as well (brown tips) but I was very hesitant because I read somewhere that N should be dialed down by now. It makes a lot of sense because she seems to be getting worse by the day as I haven’t added any nutes. Anyway, i’ll give it a shot.

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Yeah, you will stop N soon with the trio. Pull those yellow leaves off, not doing anything.

You don’t want your buds to fill out with yellow leaves.

No worries!

Yeah i’ll get those yellow leaves off now and it should also make it easier to keep track of progress. Thanks again for your suggestions, I really appreciate it!

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