New grower, experiencing issue with timer and light

I am a first time grower. My plants have been in veg for about 8 weeks and I’ve had a timer connected to the light the whole time giving the plants 18 hours light 6 hours dark and today when I reset the timer to try and do 12 on/12 off the light remains dark anytime I plug it into the timer. I went out and bought a new timer but it’s not working either. Any suggestions?

Spin the timer to see if they come on. Got a pic of your timer?

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Is it digital or mechanical timer? I went through 5 before I found out how to properly use them

Hello @Weedy and welcome to a great forum. You will love it here. Have you used these timers before, I know you said you had it on 18/6 but was it actually doing its job. It might be a defective unit from new. Like @BobbyDigital says turn the dial through a full 360 with something plugged into it to see if it actually works. There’s a switch at the side that allows the timer to run always on or timed, make sure it isn’t sitting halfway as it will do nothing as it’s balanced between the 2 settings. If you need to get our attention put @ before a user name and that will bring us round for a chat :sunglasses:

Mine has a slide switch also on off timer check to see if you moved it when you reset time