New grower DWC nutrient problem

Hi guys I’m new to growing I’m trying out DWC I got some clothes from a new supplier they look healthy he says two of them are gorilla glue and two of them are French toast which I’ve never heard of got them transplanting and started the system about a weekend I noticed nutrient burn from what I’ve researched on the Internet there’s so many sites out there and they all say that it something different for the TDS in the EC I was running my EC at about 1. 8 then found another site that says 1.2 to 1.5 I deluding my nutrients down to 1.2 now and my pH is right about six how do I know that it’s working I’ll post some pictures of what the plans look like now it’s been about a week since I dropped the EC any help would be grateful like I said I’m new! Plants were planted on 1-30-21 leaves are dork green but they look healthy. image|375x500 (upload://frjVsfLsOba46fkFkOl6ixBp22w.jpeg) image|375x500

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