New grower do I top, lst or screen?

So I am Completely new to this and wondering with girl scout cookies and Bruce banner auto from here should I top, bending lst, or use that screen thing?

When should I start? I just put in soil 4 days ago but wanted to find out before it was to late. I am posting the pics from this afternoon, do these look like they’re on track?


Just a little tip…You will do better to keep all your related questions in a single thread for the whole grow. Makes it easier for help to find you. :wink:


I didn’t know, thanks.

You all over the place, I can’t keep up. Best advice anyone can give you at this point is to relax, take a deep breath, roll a nice fat joint, take a couple puffs. Now chill a sec.

When your good and relaxed let’s rethink this. Sounds like you have built an excellent grow space and spent lots of time, money and research into lights, air, temp, cameras and every damn thing in between except the magical weed your attempting to grow.

With that said research your strains, Bruce Banner throws two phenos that I’ve seen one short one about 4 feet. Banner is the definition of what these punks call loud. It has a stout smell during flowering. Banner can be topped around end of week three.

There are many ways one can control height from lst, topping, strain selection, or just bending them over.

You need to back the horse up and study. No pun intended. Try the Cannibis Encyclopedia it’s a good read an can be found online.

Your journey will be more enjoyable if you relax and research a tad more. I wish you luck.

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For gorilla I would top , personal preference

@HMGRWN said it right. No worries, but the main thing is, it’ll make it a million times easier for you to go back and find the information you want if it’s all stored in one spot. Good luck!

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Definitely ur call on which direction to take. Ive never grown it so take the above experience in mind.

Slow down and enjoy the ride. Too early to Top, FIM, or LST.

Id wait a while, check her growth patterns out. See how sativa leaning or indica heavy she is (node/ branch spacing will tell u were to start)

I top all my plants pretty violently around 1 month then LST as I go into and through flower.


I’m new here…my 2¢…
My first couple grows I had my brain in overdrive trying to learn everything…
Maybe concentrate on learning pH, ppm and basic plant care before attempting topping techniques…imho
Good Growing