New Grower! CARAMELICIOUS Auto Mostly organic grow tell me what ya think

Her name is Lucy she is 23 inches tall and in 3 days will be start of week 6
until 3 days ago about i didnt have a ph tester and the tubes you see are diy co2
I have 224 grow tent and she is in a 1 gallon pot
2 mars hydro ts 600 sunlike full spectrum lights
Strawberry Fields soil plus added perlite
super thrive every watering
epsom salt
crab meal
kelp meal
dr earth flower girl
bone meal
blood meal
flower power
it is still in week 5


looks good and welcome

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Looks good. Good growth for an auto. Many new growers struggle with them.

CO2 is a waste of both time and money unless you have the environment dialed in to support increased CO2 levels such as high light intensity, high nute levels (not advisable for an auto,) and a sealed environment.


naww i just made the co2 myself and i personally think if giving Lucy just a little more of what she breathes will help even the just a a weeeeee bit then hell why not…didnt cost me anything but yeast and sugar

i meant 2 by 2 by 4 grow tent and not flower power its flower fuel 1.32.34 or 1.34.32 one of the 2

thanks and thanks…lol

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also the temps very from about 77-87 and rh 45-60…i have a fan at the top outside of tent blowing fresh air down into tent

Those look decent. You will want to get the RH lower as flowering progresses to avoid mold or mildew issues. Increasing airflow as much as you can will help lower RH. Once bud rot sets in it is hard to deal with.

ok and thank you

It would be best to push air in from near the bottom of the tent and to pull air out from near the top of the tent.

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the tent is near my ac unit…so its pulling in cool to cold air when i have it on…and i dont have fans that small anymore my house was set on fire a few weeks ago so i lost alot of shit…but i aint lose my TENT THO…LOL

she is now 26 inches tall and with many bud sights shes coming along

Younger pics of lucy

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Hey whats up ladies and gents…well im not sure if any ladies around but anyway…
My caramelicious auto is just turning 6 weeks todayshe is 28 inches tall with many bud sites…and this is what i have
ts 600 mars hydro x2

strawberry fields with extra added perlite
i added in crab meal’
bone meal
blood meal
dr earth flower girl
kelp meal
and i water now that she is flowering i water with epsom salt and super thrive
and up until about a week ago i didnt have a ph meter so i was guessing and shit i was on point apperantly…
temps stay aroung 77-87 rh is 45-60ish

BELOW ARE PICS FROM MY VERY FIRST HARVEST SILVER HAZE AUTO…WELl it was 2 silver haze plants but one of them ended up being a dwarf ish


Great job as a fellow organic auto grower I know it’s tough getting the perfect balance of nutes but you nailed it keep up the great work

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Week 7 day48 I think… she finally stopped growing vertically at 31 inches

Day 51

Day 50 something…I have it written down but I’m not by it…lol