New grower, can't find this online. Any ideas?

Skywalker in a hydroponic setting. Only two plants are affected and they have different problems.

Spots are on the most vigorous seedling, and based on the yellowing pattern (which seems to be on the leaves facing and closest to the light), I think it got too close to the light.

Stripe on the leaf vein, I have no idea. I recently moved that one farther apart so it may have been stress, but the nutrient/PH/light/etc. environment hasn’t changed.


Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m sure someone with the answer to this issue. :blush::v:


Thank you! This community is awesome. Nobody grows our favorite strain for 100 miles and I’m so excited to try. A supportive community like this makes it a lot less intimidating.


What type of light are you using? And what height is it? Intensity?

It’s actually an AeroGarden with a 30w LED light and an extra air pump. I was nervous about building my own system. I bought a second set of LED lights and an LED light meter (which arrives tomorrow) as soon as I realized that I really didn’t have a handle on the light measurements.


I understand that they need a better system and I built a bubble bucket system with clay pebbles and a ceramic halide light. I’m just waiting for the water to finish distilling before I transplant them. But I’m worried, because I can’t determine if it’s stress.


Okay I’m gonna be straight up with you, and this is probably because I had a few too many beers but I have absolutely no idea what any of that means, I am a simpleton I am sorry…

Uhhhh @dbrn32 you seem to pop up when it comes to lights, care to help this grower out?


I grow Skywalker for my middle! Need to get some seeds bought and dropped!


Thank you for the referral, though! I tried to google the lux info on the AeroGarden but didn’t have much luck. I poked around the forum and didn’t see a lot of hydroponic setups. Is that unusual?



I grow in soil but there are hydroponic growers on the forum. Someone will stop by to help.

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If you’re looking to hit you’re lighting proper light I highly suggest checking out @Nicky thread on DLI, go to your App Store or google store and download the phontone app and follow the apps Instructions, don’t buy anything just use the basics setting but of course Nicky’s thread will get you set on proper lighting, it’s somethin I intend to utilize more on my next grow

I think this is the one I have too, 7 pod unit? Mine has been floating around here for a few years though so maybe older model.

Anyway, i suspect you are more likely running into issues with your solution. Have you been setting and checking the ppm and ph of nutrient solution? The small res on these AG’s has very little solution and even small plants can cause absolute chaos on your nutrient solution. A few hearts of romaine lettuce would take my solution level down 25% in a day or less, which would cause ph to go all over the place. The nutrients you are using or how you’re using them could do this too. Are you running air pump and stones or just the factory recirculating pump?

Getting up into the light can damage your leaves, but that’s not really what I’m seeing on your leaves on pictures above.

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Hey @jolierouge, welcome to the forum! :clap:t2::+1:t2:

Almost everybody is nervous about building there own for fear of water leaks. I was, till I wasn’t… lol :joy::wink:

I took the plunge 3 years ago and have been growing in a homemade rdwc system every since. With a little planning, one can limit the reality of water leaks.

As far as the leaf problem goes, db has some good questions that need to be answered. If they are as big as they appear, they are probably ready to go into your system.

If you need a hand on building a system, there are multiple folks here that are more than capable of getting you set up and running.

If you need to get a hold of folks here, use the @ symbol in front of their name like @jolierouge

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Sorry for the delayed response - I’m new to the forum so I’m limited in how fast I can respond, but this is fantastic! Guys this is amazing! Thank you so much!

@JaneQP Those symptom graphics are awesome! Thank you!!

@ThatsNotMineOfficer I’ll go read Nicky’s thread on lighting, too. I was afraid the phone apps wouldn’t work but I’ll try them! I’m using lights from a previous soil grow, but I’m new to hydroponics.

@dbrn32 Thank you so much! I thought using an AeroGarden seemed like a crazy idea but I was intimidated by growing marijuana. I bought two Bounty Basics (9 pods) to split the plants so the roots would not crowd.

I think you are right about the solution! I am using ILGM nutrients, still on the seedling formula because it’s only Week 2. I was checking the PH but I haven’t checked the ppm in a couple of days because it has not fluctuated and I was feeding on a calendar schedule rather than going along with water consumption (which, in retrospect, seems so obviously incorrect). The ppm had dropped to 500 and 400, respectively, which makes sense as the seedlings exploded in the second half of the second week. I added more nutrients last night (I couldn’t respond, but I could read and follow advice). PPM currently reads 750 and 600 which is still too low, but I’m moving it up by degrees. Keeping an eye on the PH, trying to keep it between 5.8 and 6.0, erring on the lower side.

I am running a secondary air pump. I started with a Hydrofarm Active Aqua and switched to a Hiraliy aquarium pump because it produced more airflow. The bubble bucket setup will have a Hydrofarm 8-nozzle air pump, though. Is there such a thing as too much airflow?

@HappyHydroGrower Thank you! I was like, “My precious babies? In a BUCKET?” But I got food-safe five-gallon buckets from the hardware store (after the fact, my friend recommended that you can get them free from supermarkets and bakeries).

I don’t think I really appreciated just how “big” they get before I started this project. :smiley: I have a couple of tents coming but they won’t be here for a few days, so I’m isolating them in a warm, dry, dark room with a halide light suspended from the ceiling. It’s significantly more powerful than the AeroGarden light, but I can also adjust the height. My light meter just arrived and I’m going to compare it to those phone apps. If they work just as well, I may be able to return it and save some money. :smiley:


This is good. I would set at 5.8 and then adjust back down when it gets to 6.0 or higher.

I’m sure there is, but is not something you need to worry about. It is usually recommended to buy bigger pump than you need, then just turn off ports that aren’t required an/or adjust output of pump.