New grower/canoeing and taco leaves

Hello guys. I’m working on my first grow. My one particular plant has some leave folding going both ways. As a new grower, I made the common overwatering mistake a couple times, however I ha e let my plants dry out fir 2 weeks and I’m getting these side effects with only one out of 4 plants. There are also some brown spots on some leaves even on the other plants. I’m using Foxfarm ocean Forrest soil and my ppm has been so high I haven’t even fed them yet. 3000 to be exact using 500 scale. So I am not sure at this point what I am doing wrong. I am in about 5 weeks into Veg. Any help is appreciated!!

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Honestly they look good. Kinda just looks like the leaves are compact so no room for some of those blades to lay flat.


Oh, thanks man. I just thought there was an issue with them. Appreciate the help!

Ok I have same issue but mine are more pronounced

I left the light on too long so between that and the fact she needed water, I’m thinking that’s the cause

I’m giving her water and darkness but thought I’d get opinions on what would cause this other than the two things I know she needed