New grower but might be dumb?

Ok i am only on my 2nd indoor grow so i am still a newb so this question my be dumb. So everything i read it says when you are in veg stage your plant likes to be in 400 to 600 ppfd now i took my apogee mq-500 just to see what the ppfd outside and i am getting 14500 how how you guys that grow outside control that or do you not worry about it

We don’t lol. Some use wheel barrels or wagons and tote theirs around for shade or cover from the rain. Others have greenhouses or large gardens that they can cover. I move mine by hand. Thank Jeebus they’re coming down over the next few weeks.




Or cowboys like @repins12 drag their trees around with quads on sleds!! Yeeee hawwwww m-fers!!!


@Jeepguy these girls build up their endurance and tolerance as the season progresses. They are tough little b!tches!!


Is this supposed to be 1450 ppfd? I believe natural light is on average between 900 to 1500 ppfd with sun directly overhead. I never worried about it outside unless they are hardening off from being brought out from the inside.

Yeah i might have read the meter wrong so you might be correct

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I caught you are growing indoors and just went outside to see what the reading was under Sol. You are correct on the indoor ppfd. 40 to 50 dli for veg is cool.