New Grower: Bag Seed Grow / ILGM Grow

I started growing 1 year ago from bag seeds… Sexed them and ended up keeping one plant. I am now on my 2nd set of clones from this plant. I have a cheaper grow specific LED light and a bunch of Par38 and shop light LED lights. Last harvest I pulled in about 1 1/2 ounces off of each plant. I want more yield so I decided to try some seed bank seeds and stumbled onto this site. So right now I have my second set of clones from that bag seed plant and 4 ILGM plants in my seedling closet. Just signed up for this forum, I figured my first topic on the forum could be a picture category.

Bag Seed 3 weeks into flower( 7 Plants):

IGLM Young Veg.( Blue Buckets):


Welcome to the forum @WheresDaveMan

BTW, Dave’s Not Here

Your plants and set up seem to be dialed in Brother. You look to have the basics down pat and I for one, appreciate the post, the pictures and the chance to welcome another grower. Nice work so far!!


Very nicely done! @WheresDaveMan welcome to the community! I ordered my first ILGM seeds as well. They have great genetics and hope you’re pleased so far! Look forward to watching everything grow! Happy growing! :seedling:

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Thanks for the welcome!! I am impressed so far with the size of the palms from the ILGM plants… They are very young and have 9 finger palms bigger than the size of my hand. The strains of ILGM plants are from the fruity pack mix. BTW

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Glad to hear it @WheresDaveMan ! Also, to notify and be more specific to a particular person be sure to use the @Covertgrower . I considered the fruity mixed pack… it’s still on my list.


You and me started exactly the same way…
I had a number of plants from bag seed that were great producers, but you can tell the difference when good genetics come along…You hit the nail on the head with the “palm” thing

I grew a pound of schwag and was excited lol!

I will say however…

Schwag, when shown love, will show you love back :grinning:


Welcome to forum. Lots of good people happy to share their experiences.


Recently harvested the bag seed plants. I yielded around 2 dry oz of decent bud a plant. Figured I could do an update post about both grows.

Root system definitely took over the five gallon buckets!

Made butter and some Tinctures with the fluff bud and sugar leaf.

As for the ILGM plants. I moved them into the big room and I am going to give them some veg time under the better lights. But I have trained them a bit. The blue buckets are ILGM plants and the two lil ones are clones from the bag seeds… The plant in the lil black planter (Not cannabis) is a plant my daughter was killing that I have brought back to life for her…

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