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Hi, I’m new to this group. Started gorilla glue auto outside in AZ. Seed sprouted 4 days ago. Trying to keep moist since temps here in mid 80’s to low 90’s. Watering with purified water right now, and using super soil. I’m using a ph meter for water, soil, and light. Water and soil in 6pt range or little higher. Am I doing things the right way? One of the leaves look damaged. I’m using a 5 gal smart pot as well. Plant in direct sunlight at least 12 hours a day.

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Welcome to the forum, lots of great people around to help you.

Are you referring to a 3 in 1 meter? What are you ph your water too?

I don’t grow outside, plenty of people around who do. You can tag people with the @sign like @Kat3 :slight_smile:

Best of luck

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Yes, 3 in 1 ph meter

Having the to the sun might be baking the small roots. Maybe dig a big ass hole the size of the pt plus add peastone an inch or 2 at bottom and put pot in the hole and fill around the pot with pea stones for drainage purposes. Maybe that will keep the heaf down on the roots but idk just a thought @Cannabian is outside grower maybe he can chime in a few pennies here

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Welcome. Prepare yourself for an avalanche of info .LOL

It is a little soon for any meaningful diagnosis yet.
Sounds like you have a decent start though.
I am also thinking of dropping some autos outdoor soon.

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I’m just concerned with the low humidity here and high temps. Thank you!

Maybe I can try some hay or straw to help keep the soil moist for now.

No, I would place shade cloth over that seedling until it gets a root system. Generally, the best way to start growing outdoor cannabis is to begin inside under lights. They dont need to be high end led, they can be run of the mill florescents. Once the plant is established and has a decent rootball, then harden it off like any other plant. Prepare a spot in really well drained soil, ideally with well rotted compost added… water deeply and wait until it requires watering again and then water deeply.
I typically have well established plants, normally a couple feet tall, before I plant them out. These should be in the ground in about 3 weeks.

The main issue with seedlings is they are susceptible to over and underwatering because they barely have a root. If the plant survives it should do just fine though, cannabis is pretty hearty.
These will be 10 to 12 feet tall by July

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I am indoors with Rh around 45% for a high and 35 most of the time. I have no problem with a slightly smaller plant. At least mold is less of an issue.

White Cheese auto 28 days from 1st “true leaf”.

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Thank you so much! I’ll try the cloth.

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Another thing you may want to get is some kelp and seaweed extract, humic acid … this stuff really does help young plants get strong and help plants utilize water and nutrients better. Should be able to find this in most hydroponic plant shops. Works great, cant really overdose your plants with it and you can use it it periodically throughout the life cycle of your plants. In fact, it works fantastic on tomatoes and damn near every plant.

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Good look bro

I’m using a super pot and the top 3-4 inches are dry, but still moist deeper down. Do i still water the top of soil with spray bottle until the plant is fully dry? This is a 5lb pot. Seeding is one week sprouted and already growing 2nd set of leaves. GGauto. Thx

My auto seed sprouted 10 days ago, and growing 3rd set of leaves, but not growing any taller than 1.5 inches. Outside grow in AZ. Does anyone know why?

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I’m putting a fabric shade over it tomorrow since AZ is super hot. Maybe that will help

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Im also outside in AZ, have done a few indoor grows. The reason the plant is staying as short as it is, is probably due to the sun intensity here. Definitely put a shade cloth up, and make sure shes got plenty of water.

I rigged a mini half hoop house with a shade cover, they get full sun til about 10:30 am, then shaded sun for the rest of the day. Here is my set up for now, it only temporary but it works.


Thank you! I’ll update to see how it goes. Setting it up tomorrow. Wish me luck! First grow. I can barely see a 5th leaf growing.

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10 days sprouted

Seedlings look beautiful so far, nice color and leaf structure. One limiting factor you could consider is the lack of humidity during this stage. I kept a dome over mine for at least 10 days from sprout. You could also spray them a few times a day on the undersides with plain or distilled water.

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