New grower any information any help

3 plants

These are my outdoor ones, any info is greatly appreciated

The outdoor ones look good and health lets see the indoor ones

What is your dirt and looks like time to transplant other plant in small pot

I germinated too many . Noobe , I dont know what to do with the ones in small pots . too late to plant outside , really just back ups.

I see six plants in tent overall tent setup looks nice

does the tent look ok?

so three should be ok?

so much to learn …sigh

dirt is happy frog

have light timer set for 20 on and 4 off

Yeah tent will be fine for 3 plants what 3 lights do you have

During veg i leave my lights on 24/7 then in flower 18/6 but i am no expert and only grow autos

Leaving lights on 24/7 doesn’t stress them? should I leave them on now as small plants . Im
growing… trying to grow white widow and super silver haze