New grower any information any help

No offense to all the different country man on this site as well just paying tribute to us veterans


Tell him Semper Fi for me :love_you_gesture:

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VAQ-140 deployed aboard CVN71, 9-9-2001. I was onboard from 12/1 until 1/14. EA6B Prowler Avionics (AIMD) support. 12/09/2019 we put my Mom in the ground with Dad, in Arlington Nat Cem. Impressive and painful. The family took a “Military Served” picture with eight and a total of 150years service. My Neice and Nephew are 0-4s, currently.

@OGIncognito OG multiple trips and a 5-year Honeymoon at MCAS Iwakuni. The newest “old” base, rebuilt by the Japanese Govt at their paying $8B. The Marines I worked with are better to work with than the Navy technicians, but less room for humor from a sailor. Thank you, DD, for your service.

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Right on Brother, oki for me 3 times and Mt Fuji once. East coast and west coast and a butt load of deployments on Navy LPDs and LSTs. Thanks again Brother Dave :love_you_gesture:

2weeks BHR in Oki

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I was stuck way up north at camp swab all 3 times

Servered on CVN 73 USS George Washington 2 trips to the Persian Gulf and 1 to Bosnia with Vaq140 also was Cvn73 madien voyage in 93

Happy Cannaversary! :beers:

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I am still new to this forum so not sure I am duing it right , new to growing also have a ph pen for water and ph,moist, light meter, thermometer , humidifier one 100 wqatt grow light and a grow tent with air filtration system on the way,along with another grow light, using bergmans nutrition and have water filter and ph lower from happy frog, and using happy frog soil , do these look ok? k What about misting I have read so may different opinions. .


TY for your service Shipmate. 80-84 USN. Son just made board for chief 8 in. Daughter 10 Chairforce and now full time student.

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I was at NASWI NAMTRAGRUDET 1990-1993 DOD-NAESU 1996-NATEC-2020

Google Photos


Welcome to the community Growmie. Saw your post from 7 days ago and congrats on the sprouts. How can I help or answer any questions you might have?

God bless all you veterans wherever you be :pray:t2: The world recognises and respects you :black_heart:

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now have grow tent and 3 lights is that OK?

don’t now why ok was caps sorry

What size tent and how many plant’s and what wattage you may battle heat issues with 3 light but don’t know for sure cause i don’t know you whole set up

VIVOSUN 4x2 Grow Tent Basic Kit 48"x24"x60" × 1 VIVOSUN VS1000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301 Diodes & Sosen Driver Dimmable Lights Sunlike Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Seedling Veg and Bloom


may be I should get another tent?