New grower and new setup


Then the moment is upon us… flip those lights and lets get this show on the road!

Edit: I read too fast. Another foot… Then flip :+1:t5: Gotcha


Dude! If they are green and thriving, enjoy! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. When they are healthy you can start tweaking things. Lowering lights gives them more juice, raising them a little might induce a little stretch. Or just keep on keepin on


Just wanted to upload some pics of the girls on there birthday they are 2 months old todaythey did get a good trimming today as well


I just wanted to update… Plants are doing good I was doing some pruning and wanted to ask in the green before flower does the leaves and stems very sticky this is a good thing right? This is my first grow so I dont know


Yes, sticky is a very good thing.


Today I changed over to 12/12 lighting they are still looking good


After changing over to flower how long does it take to show male or female? I started the 12/12 light last night how long will it take before I know if they are female or males? I was looking at mine and it looks like one has already has a few white hairs here is a pic it not the clearest but best I could get


It can take up to two weeks before you start to see pistils.


That is what I was thinking but could that one already be showing?


Sure, it’s possible to see a few pistils before that, but it’s hard to tell from that pic. I think I see a pistil or two.


Those look like girlie parts, but they are all green. When they pop your eye will catch the white color difference. Especially if you get a flash pic right at lights out.


I was checking my plants this morning and I seen some spots on a few of the leaves on just one of my plants anyone know what it is ans what I need to do to fix it before it get too bad.I did change over to 12/12 lighing 2 days ago. Where the spots are is where the fan had been blowing on.


You’re getting a magnesium deficiency, just add some Cal Mag to your watering. Could also be potassium, but I don’t think so.


Ok thanks I will have to order that there is nowhere in town that has it it is hard to find anything around here… It will take about 5 days to get it here


Five days, dude! You must live far out of town. That’s ok, she’ll be fine for a few days.


Well it just a very small town and all we have is Wal-Mart and they don’t have anything and with it being the start of fall they dont have anything … And the nursery around has closed till the spring I hare it here and the state I’m in is very backwards lol


I hear Walmart usually carries Cal Mag, but you’re right, it’s seasonal. Don’t worry, your plants will survive.


I have order this for my plants has anyone used this brand and if so how good was it and how much and how often do you give it to the plants? Advanced nutrients sensi cal mag xtra plant nutrient


Lots of people use that brand, that will work just fine. All you have to do is follow the recommended dosage on the bottle. I would use it every time you water.


Update:: the cal mag I ordered came in today and gave them some. They are in day 5 of flower and there is no 100% sign do sex I am pretty sure one is female but not sure they still looking good and growing everyday