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Hello, I am a new grower and am on day 9 of my grow, i am growing 3 plants, no idea what the strains are, i had them under 24 hrs of 50 watt cfl lights and just today setup my 50w led light, im using seaweed extract and bottled water, also used foxfarm ocean forrest soil, should i leave it under my led for 24 hrs until veg? Any advice is appreciated!! Also should my light be closer? IMG_7707|375x500


Welcome! The larger grow light can be a little closer but not more that 36 inches. The light bulbs can be pretty close. The seaweed extract is good stuff. I used a kelp version myself. Since you have three plants, just consider purchasing more lights for when they get larger, and in flowering. @atribute2008


If those are a19 led bulbs, see if you can unscrew the diffuser. It will give you a major boost in par. Otherwise looks like @Covertgrower has you covered.


Thank you for the fast response, should i keep them under 24-7 of my new led light? Or should i start 18/6? It doesn’t effect my electric bill so im not worried about that, one of my plants leaves have just a little bit of yellow but seems to be doing fine, my leaves are a little curled and didn’t know if thats something to worry about. @Covertgrower


Usually it’s best to keep seedlings covered with a plastic water bottle to raise the humidity. They’re a little curley from the lack of humidity probably. I start at 18/6 as soon as they get their second set of leaves. You can even do 14/10. Plants grow when the lights are out too! @atribute2008


I will put a humidifier in there, been keeping it at 50-60% humidity, im going to start an 18/6 light cycle tomorrow which will make day 10 since planting. @Covertgrower


Actually in my limited experience from what I’ve seen so far, they do most of there growing when the lights are out.


Welcome buddy and all the best to your grow


@Rugar89 That is right…past experience from gardening and limited farming experience. During the daytime they are absorbing energy and nutrients from the sun and soil. Once the sun goes down they use that energy and food (nutes) to put into growth. And if any problems that is why you see the changes in leaves and such first thing in the morning. (start of light cycle).

Pardon me if come across as knowing everything. I dont. But in the past on my farm recieved a number of lectures and growing info/pamplets etc from the governement on my crops. (grew wheat and a couple other grains on rotation. 500 acres. Wish I still had the farm. I miss it. Not the growing stuff so much, but the animals.

I loved the critters. They are relaxing and comforting to the soul and spirit.


Thank yo! it doesn’t seem as hard as some make it, just keep an eye on my plants and give them love! Im very happy I found a good forum for help.


Your not coming across as a know it all at all! Any advice I can get is very much appreciated, I want a successful grow and don’t want the money I have put into it wasted.




It’s great to have you here with us!!! I’m only a couple of months old here myself.

Best of luck to you with your grow!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Thanks man! Ill post some more pics of my progress in this message! Good luck to you and show your progress. @Alton66 lton66 IMG_7715|666x500


They look about ready to transplant. You might bring your light down some as there’s a bit of stretching.


Careful not to over water…This is a great community here; welcome!


@atribute2008 Welcome to are little slice of heaven You may have some yellowing due to the fact you’re using Foxfarm ocean it runs a little hot but no need to worry usually they will be fine we have great members and great staff looks like you’re doing very well If there’s anything we can help you with just put the @ symbol in front of their name patient will also be very helpful along with that love :wink:


Today is day 10, I’ve seen after 2 weeks to transplant, but that makes me happy their growing fast, was thinking of transplanting in 2 days, maybe 3 if you think that they are ready. Also brought them closer to the light, about 8 inches from top of plant to the light. @Myfriendis410


I would only say to go easy on the water. The roots like a wet to dry cycle.


I just sprayed them to get my leaves to look better get the humidity up, i only water when the soil looks dry and its light in weight, i started an 18/6 light cycle today, do you have to change humidity/heat if their in the dark? @Myfriendis410


It’s fine.