New grower, and getting lots of help from the members here

Ethos Crescendo Rbx1, 15 gal rain science bag, Mars hydro tent 27"x27"x63", lighting I went with a HLG 135W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT, a couple of 6” hurricanes clip on’s, inkbird temp and humidity controller and 15 gal blumat kit watering system, AC Infinity RAXIAL S6, Inline Booster Duct Fan 6” with Speed Controller Revival gardens soil local to my area, coots mix. I popped the bean directly into the medium on 1/23/2021

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I was so nervous but 3 days later to my surprise, this young lady came out and said hey.

A day or two later

Top soil was drying out so I decided to mulch with barley straw.

Fast forward till today and she is growing :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


I like that. I had not thought of barley straw for my seedlings. Great idea. I need to get some.

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Is barley straw pH neutral? Stay away from pine.

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Awesome little lady!! Sounds like you got the system under control and lights taken care of. Thanks for sharing your grow with us!


Yeah jeremy from buildasoil always recommends using barley straw as a mulch layer, for living soil. So I went with his advice.

Yeah I was following the buildasoil way but I bought my barley straw from the tractor supply store.

Thank u trying my best, I think I got those blumat dialed in but to be on the safe side I ordered they’re digital moisturizer meter which will be here tomorrow, I love the system so much I will be adding it to my vegetable garden in March. Highly recommend this system.


That’s pretty awesome! What works so you don’t have to worry is what’s important

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@TWayne yes they put it in fish ponds to keep algae from growing and yes you want to stay away from pine.

@Funny718 I usually use hydro clay pellets but if I keep giving away plants with pellets I don’t have any left for me. I like the clay pellets outside grow. But for the two months I am vegging the 14 plants I have started the sprinkle of barley straw is much cheaper. I can keep it in the shed until spring and planting time.

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Today’s update got my blumat digital moisture meter in, and the gurl is looking great. I also went ahead and order a bigger tent so I can have two plants growing.

Tomorrow will be officially two weeks in seedling stage.

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Sorry I haven’t updated this in awhile. Here are a few pics,

I’m on day 38 of flower, I upgraded the light to a Mars-hydro sp3000 which fits perfectly in this 2x4 ac infinity grow tent.

Also I got one of those 2x4 grassroots living soil beds for my next run. I have noticed some brown tips and yellowing could this be from the new light?