New grower and first grow journal

Hello, I have started 3 White Widows and transplanted to bigger grow bags on 3/4/20. I also just transplanted one WW auto, and have some more coming up. I am growing inside a greenhouse with a couple of VIPARSPECTRA Newest Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light, with Bloom and Veg Dimmer, with Daisy Chain, Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower. Yes, that is the amazon ad lol. I used FF Happy Frog initially on Pea pots and transplanted to 5-7 Gal. Vivosun grow bags, with a 50/50 mixture of happy frog and Ocean Forest, with the Ocean Forest in the bottom half, thinking the roots will grow to the nutrients as they are ready. They were fertilized maybe twice after going to the pea pots with ILGM seedling fertilizer, and very little at that.
They looked great to me before and after transplanting, but one of them has her bottom leaves turning yellow. @MidwestGuy has provided great advise and thinks they may have been over fertilized. They were watered after transplanting. I have a cheap moisture gauge on that its not telling me its time to water again. The greenhouse unfortunately has a security light outside that provides diffused light throughout the night. In any case, I am keeping the grow light on most of the night, and they are getting maybe 2-3 hours of mostly dark. Once it warms up and days get longer, I plan on moving the photos outside in the grow bags. I would certainly appreciate all and any help and tips as I go along. First tow pictures after transplanting.20200304_144842|690x326


ok, only one uploaded.


Welcome to ILGM forum @jetlag . You have things looking good. I see that @MidwestGuy has already advised you not to start nutrients yet. Happy Frog shouldn’t need any nutrients yet and OF definitely doesn’t need any nutrients for a while. Good Luck I’m set to watch.


You need to wait until you see check mark next to reply before you start another upload or to hit reply. :+1:


These are from 2 days ago, and you can see to the left the WW auto, trying to outgrow the photos. it was grown under the same conditions as the photos, so waiting to see if it turns yellow as well.


Thank you, just want the girls back to normal, lol

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I’ve never used Happy Frog, but I do grow in OF It’s definitely a hot soil. On my current grow with OF I veged for 6 weeks and didn’t have to add nutrients until I started flower. You made a excellent decision to start journal. Lots of people here that can follow along and help out if needed.


Thank You, as you can see, I need lots of help, lol. I have a few more from yesterday, the WW auto has the moisture meter


Excellent to know, will not worry about nutes for a good while then

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Pics of greenhouse and the girls with all my tomatoes and peppers from seed, waiting for warm weather.


This plant looks hungry, it’s getting more light than it can metabolize, the bottom leaves shouldn’t be yellow and dwarfing, weed is a nitrophile, it needs less light “or” more nutrients. I would would opt for more light and more nutrients as fast as it can handle!

I like to floor my plants! Nutrients light and water, are the carburetor, and the strain is the make and model. Personally, I like muscle plants in my lineup! I’m always searching for that illusive 700 hp 440 Superbee muscle plant!
I just acquired a 383 magnum recently (Green Crack) and it really throws me back in my seat! Sucks my eyeballs to the back of my head!


So you think it needs nutrients? Trying to learn. Plant was doing fine until being transplanted to the bigger grow bags, and within a couple of days it started turning yellow

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You must be of my generation, lol. 440 Superbee, 383 Magnum


In real life I own a rare AMC that can do wheelies! Off the factory floor! The only bigger thrill must be getting blasted into space! If I had the money, I’d do it every weekend!

On any color chart that color is best suited for a high carotene species of which weed is not.

PS. Did you “activate the soil” by wetting it two weeks before using? Feeding it now may or may not be a time bomb depending on this necessary procedure. Reason being is microbial colony count.

Growing up as a teen a good friends mom had what I think was a Gremlin? with the 383. She had no idea what she had, but her two sons sure did. We had a blast with that thing.

Nice setup!

Thank You

I did not, was not aware I was supposed to do that