New grower and dont want to mess up

Hello everyone I’m new grower and need to ask,How do I sanitize my tub before I start using it for DWC I just want to be as clean and efficient as I can with this just inviting invested quite a bit to get where I’m at.I dont
want to muck it up when transplanting to bigger tubs


Bleach and hydrogen peroxide, in organic situations then vinegar and an ozone machine. I use peroxide all during my grow in a sprayer with water I spray plants walls floor everything, the only exception is during flower I never spray my buds with anything unless they are infected with something

Edit == I don’t grow DWC but I’ve watched and helped my brother clean up his room. So I’m sure there’s store bought stuff to use as well

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Thanks McEasy I was thinking the same as I use hydrogen peroxide in my nute solution every now and then.I read some where that it helps keep plants healthy sure can’t hurt

Welcome aboard @Budder635. You will love it here. Lot of experience in all sorts of grows. If you need to tag someone use the @ in front of their user name and they will pop by for a chat. I can’t help with your dwc as I use soil, just wanted to say hello and welcome.
I’m sure @Myfriendis410 is a DWC grower. I’ve tagged him so he will pop by when he can :sunglasses:

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This is the best method by far: you will learn to love peroxide haha.

The standard for breweries and distilleries (other than live steam) is paracetic acid. But that’s extremely corrosive and smells. It’s safe to use and be around. Bleach is really a no-no as it can leave a chlorine residue that kills everything you don’t want killed haha.

I want to lay a couple of observations on you concerning DWC (if I may):

The larger the ‘bucket’ the better. 28 gallon yellow-topped totes work for 2 plants (for example) and the reason for larger rez size is due to PH and nutrient stability over time. You do not want to be having to fill your bucket every day and mix/adjust PH daily. s

Adding a check rez and reservoir outside the grow space turns it into RDWC (Recirculating). That alone makes a huge difference in user-friendliness.

Gotta maintain temps below 70F in the reservoir. This is to prevent root rot (pythium). The addition of something like Hydroguard is helpful too. No organics!

Keep res level 1 1/2" from bottom of net pot and make sure the air is producing a ‘rolling boil’ effect.

There are a few good growers that specialize in hydro. @peachfuzz is top of my list.


Thanks and I’m thinking of using the buckets for a coco ready to go brick been reading some impressive features that would help me keep my girls happy and healthy.

Ps I already love it here!!

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