New I ready to harvest? No loop

Hi all,
Feel I’m getting close up don’t want to overcook it. Still waiting for the microscope so am having to do by sight (but eyesight not super sharp :smirk:)

What do u recon? Near or wee way to go?
Looking forward to hearing if I am chop chop or not not.


Youve got lots of white pistils. You need to wait.


You’ve got a ways to go yet. Those buds need time to pack on some weight still. You don’t want to rush this, so when you get your scope you can start looking at the trichomes. :relaxed:


Sweet. Thanks for the advice.
Hard to know when you don’t have anything to compare it with.


Let’s have a vote!!

  • 1 week left
  • 2 weeks left
  • 3 weeks left
  • More than 3 weeks

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Cool poll @TDubWilly.
@LilyWai -the early results seem to indicate at least 3 weeks are left. That will give you a good idea of what to expect and when. Post any questions you have. Enjoy your growing


Very cool poll indeed @TDubWilly ideal, just what I was looking for - a guesstimate ball park figure to aim for.
I am having a blast @neckNflu love gardening/growing anyway - few years ago used to grow & process own tobacco - but this adds another level of enjoyment again, & what a interesting lil plant it is!

Yeah not sure how I would have fared without the wise words & advice gained from this collective community tho :pray:t2:


Wait till tricombs are half milky half Amber ok


you can tell i am a new at this

I agree with need to wait :wink:


By what? What do you mean?

I know how you feel. I’m pretty new to growing and really new to the website. But I found this website to be incredibly valuable. Once I found this website and started reading articles every grow got a little bit better each time.
It’s really fun but also it’s an amazing plant. It’s crazy you can grow it from a seed or clone it and get some usable medicine and or enjoyment.
Enjoy your grow


i picked in the 17% range


Oh, lol, well that could mean your taste is just different than other peoples :wink:

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You still have at least 3 more weeks to go maybe 5… :wink:
It looks like there’s alot of moisture or water all over your buds? You need to fix that asap before you end up with mold or bud rot… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Thanks @peachfuzz, we had just had a small shower of rain when I took these but they seem to dry out very quickly as we still have plenty of warmth & sunshine at the moment.
I presume I will have to make sure I harvest after a few dry days to ensure as dry as possible when starting drying process, would you agree?

Just another check-in and question regarding the visable signs I’m looking for on this plant: (sorry if repeating)
I have 4 plants: 2 are smaller and in full sun spot (the ones in these pics) the others are in a bush area of the garden so are getting some full sun but partial filtered light some of the day due to surrounding native bush.
I have noticed the pistils on these full sun ones are quickly browning and I read in Robert Bergman’s guide that you’re looking for a 70-90% browing for harvest.
This seems plant seems nearing this ratio now or very soon…?
Opinions? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Laurap @TDubWilly @neckNflu


How many weeks have you been in flower?
And do you know what strain this is?

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Had her for about 2months new to all this. Being from Texas and all… Lol damn state can’t get with program… any tips for me?


She s only about 10inches high so far?? Any reason as to why so short? Got 3 growing in same pot


From my own experience and just based off the plants that I’ve seen, it just doesn’t look ready to me. I cant pinpoint any one thing that makes me say that other than the buds look like they could fill out substantially more to me.

Your pistils do look like they have reached at least 70% to me, but judging by the pistils can vary so much from strain to strain.

@jdaily420 im from Texas too! Here’s a Texas growing tip: don’t grow outside in Texas LMAO!!! I killed 6 plants last year out in the Texas sun. I normally grow indoors but i built myself a green house and going to start testing some auto flowers outside inn April and see how it goes