New Grower. Ak-47 Autoflower. How many in the tent? Humidity?

This is the first grow I’ve done. Ive got a 27”x27” tent. I’m looking to grow at least two plants in it in case one plant fails. Would it be better to grow 2 plants in five gallon bags or three plants in 3 gallon bags? Lastly, the humidity in my tent is only around 30%. Will the water and soil help raise that?

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A typical size of a mature, flowering cannabis plant (medium sided) is a little over 2 square feet. 27x27 is good for one plant. You might be able to squeeze 2 plants in if you don’t let them get very big.


Welcome to the community. Like @MidwestGuy said. I’m growing 3 Feminized photos in 3 gal pots in a 3x3.IMO I would do 2 in 3gal pots.

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Yes but not as much as the increase you need. Take leaf temp, room temp and humidity readings. Raise lights until the leaf temp is 1-2*F lower then room temp. Then raise humidity based on a VPD chart. VPD Chart


I’ve got 3 photos in 3 gallons, and an auto in a 1 gallon (top right), and I’m in a 32x32. You can do 2 with training, but I would do more. I had to flip to flower early to avoid overcrowding and I know it’s gonna effect my yield drastically at harvest.