New grower, a bit lost

Hi All, this is my second year with an outdoor grow, and I feel like I’m losing it :slight_smile: All plants are in 45 gallon smart pots with a blend of FFOF and FFHF. I’ve attached some pics of what’s going on. We have had about 3-4 weeks straight of 92-98 degree temps, and I have been trying different watering cycles based on what I’m being told by local hydro shops. I just check PH and know that it’s high (between 8-8.5). I am using mostly Roots Organic Buddha Grow and occasionally Humboldt Nutrients Verde. Plants are fed about every 3rd watering. Right now I am watering every day early in the morning. I was watering about every third day but was told what I’m seeing could be heat stress and to increase water to every day. I also have what looks like it may be fungus gnats under the mulch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m guessing you took a sample of the soil and did a slurry test to determine the PH? I had my PH go over 8 and that is exactly what mine looked like. I had a PH lockout and it sounds like you could have the same thing going. Once I got the soil back to 6.5 range it immediately got better.

Thanks, I’ve never done a slurry test (not even sure what it is). I just tested the water and I have a digital moisture meter/PH meter in one of the pots and that reading was the same as the water test. I just picked up some PH down for now and some soil sulfur for longer term. Any thoughts on the soil sulfur?

Are you testing the runoff ph and ppms? Slurry test you take the soil and mix it equal parts by volume in a cup with distilled water. Let it set for 15 minutes and test that water. If you water to runoff then you can just test that runoff water. This step is HIGHLY recommended.

Soil slurry is simple. You need a core sample of your soil min 2 inches below top soil. I use a tp holder tube I sanitized. Makes a great core drill. Collect your sample use a 1:1 ratio and combine with distilled water. (IE 1 tblsp soil to 1 tblsp water) agitate for 1 min, allow to sit for 15 mins. Ph and TDSvresulting solution. This is the most accurate way to get a read on whats happening at rootzone.

Those soil probes are notoriously inacurate. They make ones that are acurate but they are very expensive.

Oh, you will want to take your core sample mid way between stalk and pot wall

Somewhere in the green zone

Thanks, I’ll try that

Thanks for the help. I’ll try that and let you know what it is

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