NEW GROWER 2 AUTO FLOWER .Are they healthy?



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Looks good to me my freind :+1:
Amd welcome to the community :grin:
So you just like Jack or are you from TN?

I greatly appreciate! I was listening to the song . Lol

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: could you give us some more info so everyone knows your grows

Well glad to have ya my freind either way :grin:

Aww yes so this strain is a mystery i bought it as a auto flower not sure if its feminized . Looks great so far .

And this little girl is dark devil autoflower feminized. Shes doing Great aswell . Red flags ive notice the leaves bubbling a little so i moved this light futher away . Im using a make shift lighting system . 1 Fluorescent tube light with two lamp lights . Bulbs for the lamps are 820 lumens 9.5 watts led 5000 Kelvins .The tube light is 40 watts i dont know the kelvins or lumens .This is my second grow my first caught mold in the basement i also sprayed to much pesticide which didnt hurt it but made it moist and in the dark damp basment which doesnt help . These are indoor . I have not taken them outside at all kinda dont want cause neighbors and who ever . :eyes:. I really need this to work out for me i spent 80$ on seed and i would love to grow a plant thats clean ,potent ,beautiful, im not looking for profit this will all be personal. I am striving for a pound out of each . Ik its possible and with the knowledge of you folks ill be able to follw through . My bad took so long ive been busy . Any advice would really help . I would also appreciate anyone willing to following my grow with me . Checking up from time to time . Again this is my second grow im determined to make this one successful. Thank you take care . Peace & Love

To answer your question , no they’re far to stretched meaning they’re light starved ( at least your 1st one is) get the photone app and get a dli reading of 15-20 , though it is looking healthier then it did a week ago

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Im working with the minimum what can i do to improve lighting ?