New grow troubles

Some organic soil can be too “hot” for the tender young roots. Always use a starter mix or promix, epat pellets or rockwool to start seeds.


I agree. I’ve used ffof for seedlings, and it “worked”, but they weren’t happy. Seedling specific soil is a better option and it doesn’t cost much more.

I think we fried them with the lights. They are hanging in there, we will see, basically an experiment now.

They have actually improved and may recover after all

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Their starting to look better. A bit hard to see from last pics but have the red cups got holes in the bottoms ? If not the red cups will fill up with water an you may have problems associated with that.
I had young seedlings in perlite because i had nothing else to plant in & they went well with watering 1-2 a day. As others have said good drainage & not over watering is the key.
Good luck & hope they come back good.

1st set is recovering, 2nd set 1 month younger and surpassed haha. So…when are they considered in veg for starting to feed etc. ? Set of 5 leaves?

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As long as the leaves are not drooping and looking good and green there is no rush to fertilize… 5 leaves may be right

Update. On the left are the 1st set that almost died, on the right a set I started when I thought the 1st was dead. Not sure if the early stress will effect the quality of the product but good experiment. Loving advanced nutrients. I used to spend hours phing water before and after. I have phd 1 time entire grow 6.2. Watering per their schedule but it says flush this week on the set on the right. They are not ready so continuing with last recommended dosages of nutes. I love these bags too. Very little run off. Any suggestions?

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Your doing a great job with your girls, they look great. I just purchased some ILGM girl scout cookies extreme. I can’t wait to grow them.

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