New grow tent recommendation

I am considering stepping up to a 4’x4’x70 (or similar) in grow tent. What do you all recommend for a tent, and also lighting for it?

If you want the best lights check out hlg lites. They have some nice qb kits. No expect here by no means but the 260 xl , two of them work wonders for that size tent. Also a bit pricey but you don’t want to skimp on the most important issue in growing. As for a tent, and again pricey, gorilla grow tents. I use both the lites from hlg and gorilla tent. Every grower has found what works best for them and what they are willing to spend. It can be a pricey sum but what you get in return…wow :rofl: :bat:


If you can fit a 4x4 go for a 4x5 this gives you a 1x4 area for humidifier, carbon filter space etc strongly suggest it.

I agree with the 240w x2 panels that will be good a even better option would be two panels of 320w hlg is great top notch stuff as are gorilla tents.
If you want Chinese knockoffs I recommend Amazon for tents like I linked and kingbring lights directly from China… But it’s a dive roll you won’t have any real warranty probably if something does go wrong that being said my kingbrights have had no issues over the last 8 months.
My hlg has a much higher quality heat sink though. Much more expensive


I have a HLG light in my current tent. No complaints. I am not afraid to spend some money, I have just bought a lot of stuff not really studying through this topic, and want to buy once, and have what I need I appreciate everyone’s advice.

When I set up my 4x4 I plan on getting a hlg 550 rspec or eco depending what they have refurbished

Gorilla tent is the best tent

I have two tents one with a single large light and one with 2 smaller lights. I would say I prefer the ability to adjust heights and direction with the dual lights. I use hlg lights on both.

Hey @Nicky, 22 days later, I see you recommended that tent. Is that a tent that you use personally?
I’ve been looking at getting that tent for my fiancé. Not to grow pot in, but use it as a house garden tent. Just wanted to ask you how you liked it and what not.
I was going to get the tent and 2 lights from them for the side shelves. Then put a bigger light in the main area.
Here’s the lights they are selling with the tent.

Really what we are hoping to do is setup a garden tent so if folks ask what’s in our other tent we can show them our garden tent and we’d also have an indoor garden.

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I have the tent personally yes, it’s good quality. I had to put like 3pieces of black gorrila tape to cover little pin holes because it wasn’t perfect but soooo minor lol.
Oh and like most tents the top and shelf bars don’t snap into place so I always put my tent up and then tape the joints with some electrical tape or some Zap straps to ensure it doesn’t come apart until I want them.
I’ve seen a handful of tents and most sold on Amazon are fine you get the odd one thst sucks but that’s what prime membership is for if you ask me.

As for the lights…
I personally wouldn’t buy anything other than LED boards or bars.
If you want good lights to grow anything I think kingbright is the best bang for your buck.

Although I understand growing some veggies is much less demanding and amazon can fill this gap.
I think I would be setting something like these up for my girl if she was growing, then again I’m thinking of her growing in the side portion of the tent do she would get two 1x4 areas.
But yeah these stips look like a good way to spread light out and you know what your Gettinng in Wattage unlike most LED’s on Amazon.