New grow tent for seedlings. Any light ideas

I currently have a 4x8 tent in veg and decided to get another small tent to get my seedlings started after I put them into flower… It’s a 2x2x4 topo grow tent I got on eBay for $39. Any recommendations on LEDs. Trying to stay on a low budget.

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I saw these Leds at costco for $5-6. Will they work?

I think they would be too red. You probably want something with more blue light. I wound say at least 4200K, the closer to 6400K/6500K the better. I would probably also stay away from the BR30 bulbs, but that’s just me… they might focus the light too much since its only 4’ tall. They might be ok in 6’+ tent.


Awesome thx. I wasn’t sure about those bulbs.

This is what I used. $10 for a 4 pack at Home Depot.

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U think 1 four pack will be enough for a 2x2 tent?

Where u get the 4 socket light from?

y hope this gives you a kind of idea of what I did . Is just a regular power string and some “lightbulb socket to power outlet adapter” those are 15 watts grow bulbs that I found at ebay for 3 bucks each


Great idea. Thx

I used 3 of these: (~$2 ea. @ Home Depot)

and put them together like so:

This worked for me and I am happy with how things turned out. I do like @Cocinero’s idea though. Maybe I’ll try that next time.


For seedlings 1 pack of 4 should be enough. If you plan to veg past the seedling stage though I would get 2 packs and add 2 more bulbs (6 total) at the start of veg. You would then have 2 extra in case you needed to add more light.

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Awesome. Thx everyone. I’m going to try a combo of both ideas

Heat and humidity to high. Any recommendations?

Try extractor fans on the top if there’s place

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Is there a certain extractor fan you can recommend?

Umm to be honest I would just make my own less trouble and it’s to your own spec

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