New grow super sliver haze by ilgm anyone have any advice on this strain


Public domain brother :joy::rofl:


Now thats using your head right there I was fina buy some shoe racks amake ot work


I know its been a minute but check my runoff today bumb high 2200 ran 4gallons of ro water threw it still didn’t come down think of using tap water to do it whats up what yall think its 5 gallon fabric pot @myfriend410 @Whodat66 @massmedicinals @PurpNGold74


Retag 410. And yea i think tap is defo better for flushes. RO doesnt really have anything for the nutes to grasp. Also have u flushd this grow? N how far into what stage are u?


Im in coco so yes i was watering and flushing all the time but I slowed up on water cuz it seem like i was wasting money doing it but the salt build up i just got proved me wrong lolololol I’m fina run 5gallons str8 threw her tomorrow I will ph it but its gone be tap and her next feeding will be ro water @Myfriendis410 whats you think can I do it or bite the bullet and run the ro water till its down


Yea that sounds like the issue. Skipping the water between feeds bit ya. Run that 5 galls slowly n watch ppms. That 2k is crazy. Has she showed any signs of burn? Photos? And what stage of growth?

Edit: damn 410 is quick af


I flush using the garden hose and finish with 5 gallons of R/O. But I take em outside and that may not be possible for you. A product like Sledgehammer or FloraKleen added to your water will help too.

Low TDS water will remove the most salts: really good R/O systems have to add solids otherwise the water scavenges STAINLESS STEEL! So if you have ready access to purified water by all means use it.

And yes: 2,200 ppm is too high. I’d try to get it down under 700.


My ppm on my tap water in my house is 68 but ph is very high like 8 almost 9


Yeah she fina get a good flush tomorrow I’m talking down to 100to300 bro


Let everything dry out before any more flushes. I would suggest ordering or picking up some FloraKleen or Sledgehammer and following their instructions.

Low TDS value water will readily adopt the native PH of whatever media you are putting it into. The only real concern with tap water is the chlorine in it. Personally I would wait for that product and use it as recommended in the instructions.


Pretty nice looking set-up.

Run off can be high because you have a lot of crystalized nutrients in the bubble bag. Where it might actually be fine in the medium. That’s my thought.

Good luck getting the ppm’s down to below 750.


How much should I let them cannibalize them self before harvesting I’m already very cloudy and amber I’d say 18 amber /82 cloudy and they are slowly turning yellow my cut off day is Saturday and I’ve been flushing for 2 week plain water I’m ready to say screw it and turn my lights off tell me something good guys @Justgrowing @MassMedicinals @PurpNGold74 @rastin @Myfriendis410


She’s ready to harvest whenever you are. Do it!


Chop em down. Sounds like you are ready.


A photo is also really helpful so we could see them. Preferably lights off.


Im with them! Its been enough dark. Chop her a** down