New grow super sliver haze by ilgm anyone have any advice on this strain

That is heat/light stress. How high are ur lights? Temp in the room? Humidity? And what kind of lighting


Help guys for some reason I cant tag is this wind burn

My gf keep fing with the a/c man my humidity is 55% and my high today was 86 but usually is 79 she gone be sleeping outside if she keeps touching my air

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Lol. Dont do it like that man. She’ll be sleeping under some other dude ac. Keep ya chick lol. What about the lighting? How high. What kind

I figured thats what it was my air scrubber is huge I’m going to try and mount it its a 600cfm fan and filter

Viraspectra 300watt and 300watt burplelight may be I should turn 1 off???

How far away from them? If not 24 inchs that is the problem

Maybe 30 inches its been way to hot in there tho last 2days I’m not Tripping gotta let the sort threw it I just feed them opened tent wide open put my isolating fan in front of door to pull cold air in there and its gone run like that next few weeks

Open her tent up then! Dont kill the lass

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I did it may need to just come out of my closet all together just keep it in there because of the light my girlfriend dont like like while she is sleeping but I sleep with the TVs on all night lolololol

they bounced back no with problem now the question is when van my other light come on or are they to small still

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You think I can gove them more light now

You think I can give them more light now???


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Bring that light down where it will just cover all of your girls. 20"? You can stimulate a more bushy, low growing plant with higher intensity but when they are small you can crowd em under one light. As the pot size grows you can add more lights for coverage.

Lots of air, and keep your temps between 78 and 84 F for the sweet spot.

I just cut the other light on do you still think I should bring them down???

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They got burnt last time I closed the tent up but they are still growing good

2 lights may be overkill at this stage. You are adding a lot more heat to the tent that you have to remove. Go with what @Myfriendis410 recommended and see how that works for you. Just bunch them together and lower the best light so it is still high enough to cover all 3.


Temps at 77 steadily but I will unplug 1 and lower the other

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With the lights that high, it was the heat in the tent, not the proximity of the light that ‘burnt’ them.

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