New Grow started the end of January. Jack Herer, Queen Dream and (2) Hot Blond hemp Plants

I started (1) @ Jack Herer and (1) @ Queen Dream CBD and (2) @ Hot Blond CBD on 1/29/21(JH) and 02/05/21 (QD) (HB).
All plants are from feminized seed. I started them in 1 grow tent but after 3rd week I moved the CBD strains into a second grow tent. Now that the Queen dream plant has started to grow at 3" per 5 days I want to move it back in with the lone Jack Herer.
Is there any problem growing Hemp and Cannabis together?

Pictures would help, good luck with your grow

Also I moved the timers ahead a hour today at 3pm. One less hour of light time today. Then back on 12/12 schedule for the duration. I hope this wont spark any weirdness in the grow. I’ll post some pucs on Thursday. Thanks.

Jack Herer at 7wks. These are the hemp. The left one is 6weeks and the two on the right were started on 02/04. The one on front right was a very slow start and looked different front her sister plant just behind it in the pic. Im transplanting it on 03/18 since it is starting to take off.


I’m runningy circulating fans(12vdc 3d printer fans) and 1 of my air scrubber fans on 12 volt solar charged battery and two 12volt timer relays for the fans. Works well. Its definitely been a rewarding experiment. I’ve been using little votive type candles for co2. They burn 3 to 3.5 hours. I burn the candles during the day when I have the fan timers off for 3hrs.

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Not bad idea this reminds me of making ink

I guess you are referring to the dropper bottles. They have grow big, tiger bloom, and ph up in them for pH-ing my 7.15 tap water. Or adjusting the nutes.

Jack Herer at 8 weeks


The Hemp (two) plants looking wimp as in stunted. The ff ocean forest produced a great crop of fungus gnats and I believe that it has affected the two Hot Blond hemp plants although they appear healthy, they do not take up water as the other hemp plant that I have in with my Jack Herer. This is my second grow and first with legal cbdhemp.
I planned to treat the pots with gnatrol, a little food grade DE and was contemplating adding some molasses or Bembe’ next week after treatment. The hemp is in week 8 vegetation.
I hope the gnatrol kills the larvae which
I suspect is stunting growth. I had a few gnats in my first attempt growing indoors, but not enough to put out dish soap traps. Also since dusting the top soil of pots with DE, the dish soap traps had attracted more gnats than has been. At least they aren’t burrowing in the soil and laying more eggs.
My QUESTION is if the plants might benefit from Bembe’ or molasses to help get them back as they should be? Being a novice here, I would expect a well established hemp strain would grow hardy plants much like the Bergman strains do.
I’ve been using FF trio for feedings.

JACK HERER @ DAY 101 projected harvest? Soon!
5wks. Veg Under 18/6 light cycle. Started on 1/21 (seed sprout)
I’m thinking harvest as early as 5/03/21 and not longer than cinco de mayo.
Jack is 42" tall and “conventional” indoor grow with 1000 watt led (full spectrum), 2 @ 48" 6000k led lights verticle on corner and side of tent and a 35 watt full spectrum spot for the slightly shorter cbd strain grow as a companion. Tent is a 38"x38"x71" Marshhydro. Plants are grown in ffof nourished with ff nutes using the 12 week grow chart. JACK was flushed with distilled water on day 91 and given 6.5pH water along with a couple of Bembe’ treats. Should I stop or cut back watering, and Is there any benefit to removing the light source 24hrs. before harvesting?
I have another 2 plants (cbd) in a 28"x28"x63" with a 600watt led full spectrum, that are about 2 wks from harvest. I’m planning to move them into my larger tent and dry Jack Herer and his companion “jill” in the smaller one.