New Grow Shed Layout

Looking for some advice on a layout fir my new grow shed. 

As it sits its basically just an insulated shed with painted white plywood interior. I have one power cable ran to a 100 amp service box that currently only has one breaker being used for lights and one plug in inside the shed. Id appreciate some opinions on setting this thing up. My initial thought was to wall off the back 4x8 feet and devide that into two separate 4x4 grow rooms. My second thought was to just do one 4x4 room and keeping everything else open. I like the idea of having more open space being the shed doesn’t have that much room to begin with.
I am only on my second grow at the moment. I had issues with negative temps in our area that abruptly ended my seedlings lives when a braker tripped in the garage. Hence converting my old dermistide beetle shed into a grow shed. At this point i dont have any plans on going hydro. I think i will just stick to soil. I do want to have the ability to grow autos and and photos both so a sectioned of room of some kind is definitely necessary. I am well skilled framing/woodworking welding/metalworking decent at wiring and so on. Basically im pretty handy so i can build about anything needed. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. sorry i know this is already long but i fully understand the lighting, ventilation, humidity control and all the other aspects of setting up a good grow space. I have done hours and hours of research on that topic. The thing almost everyone leaves out is a good explanation of the total layout and how best to utilize the space that i do have.


I think your initial thought would work well. Especially if you’re going to do photos and autos. Then you’d have a 6 x 8 left over to set up your “command center” lol.

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Dehumidifier , Co2 , two 12 inch inline fans , and 6 Optic Slim Dimmeable 650S led lights with titan controls , and 12 autopot system and Foop nutients are Dakine420 nutrients and good dirt like Rocket Fuel or Coast of Maine platinum or Dakine 420 dirt and good seeds with a kick ass cloner and plenty of scissors :scissors: and you set to grow a big show !

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Walls first? What are you going to use to reflect light ?

How is it insulated from the outside? I see you say it’s insulated but how? Paneling or between the studs roll out insulation?

Is the ceiling also insulated?

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Hello @MTWeed , welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: I have been planning a growroom build for a while now and I like the idea of separate grow spaces because I want to have the flexibility of growing using many different methods and plant types. I don’t grow for a living it’s strictly a hobby, I would do a single room for maximum production if I was depending on the grow for income. I scribbled on your picture to show how I would set it up giving two grow spaces and a baby/clone space on the other side by the door


The shed is insulated all the way around. Walls are 2x4 stds with batt insulation. The roof is a ridge beam style with batt insulation as well. The floor is 1.5 inch pink board panel sandwiched between two 5/8 sheets of plywood. Vapor barrier is on the inside of the walls behind the plywood.
Currently the shed has one 6" ac infinity inline fan up on the ridge beam to pull air out and a 14x14 intake with hvac filter down lower in the wall.
I also have a 50’x4’ roll of of 6 mill mylar i plan on using to reflect light but haven’t installed any yet being im still trying to nail down a layout plan. I also have an electric wall mounted heater that was in the shed for my beetles that was able to keep the shed at 80 degrees even in the winter. I do think i will need to upgrade this though. Im not sure it will keep up after addi g a larger ventilation system?

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@MeEasy that was damn near exactly the setup i have been leaning towards since the beginning but then i thought it would be nice to keep it slightly more open and maybe run some mylar curtains or something to stay a little more flexible?

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I used a bed sheet with a space blanket safety pinned to it and hung like a shower curtain when I first started in my walkin closet to divide it in half. I used it that way for over two years and it did just fine, but I wasn’t growing in the other half.

You could easily just put in some shelves or table to put your seedlings and or clones on they don’t need the total darkness like a flower room does that third space was just a thought and you could always add that later on if you decide you want it

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What’s under the shed. Is it exposed flooring to dirt on a skid or is there a foundation?

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Love this idea. I wish I could do the same thing and maybe at some point I will.
I have an old detached room with heat and air but its full of stuff from when we moved and downsized.
If I had your shed I would plan on installing a mini split 1 ton unit. Will heat, cool and dehumidify.
I would rent a ditch digger and run a water line to the shed. It would have a laundry sink. You know the one that’s deep and on legs. RO filter and small electric water heater (5gal) under the sink. Each grow area would have a 4x4 shower pan and drain that runs outside. Any water that drains out could be diverted to a garden area. (Tomatoes ya know)

As @MTWeed suggests, mylar curtains or dividers . . . I framed my flower room 5’6" x 7’6" to allow for plenty of space since I never grow more than 4 plants at a time. Sometimes I wish I could open a wall or the like when trying to work after I put the 5x5 net in . . . no zippers on framed walls is the only time I miss my tents.

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The shed sits on 2 4x6 skids with 3/4 gravel under it.

You may need to thermal panel the floor , without it may allow exterior conditions to drive interior

I’d open the 4x8 into one space. You can run autos in any lighting and it will give you more space to work in.

The smaller area looks great for a mother/clone space to keep the main chamber rolling

@MTWeed is the door frame really 4’ or is it 36”?

Its a 36" standard entry door. When you say thermo panels what are you referring to? The floor has 2x6 joists that sit on top of the skids. Above that is 5/8 playwood then 1.5" hard insulation board with another sheet of 5/8 as the interior flooring in the shed. If that makes sense?


That thermal insulation board is what I was referring to

Frame out the grow area but give it the ability to exhaust thru the top of it

You’ll need to think of it as a 4x8 tent inside of the shed…unless you have a 4x8 tent then that saves you a lot of time

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Make the drying and flower room conpletely climate control air tight ! If you can do the full setup , Coal Seal it off with that spray foam will give you a huge advantage .

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