New grow set up help please!

I’m a first time grower as my state just legalized it in July. We are now allowed to grow 4 plants. I started out with a 4x4 Mars Hydro Tent with a TSW2000 light. I had four different autoflower strains in 5 gallon pots. Once the plants started to mature it became very cramped. I purchased a 2nd 3x3 tent based on the grow space I was using at the time and moved the smaller 2 plants into the 3x3 Vivosun which is using the VS2000 light in it (I wanted to try a different company) I have a 5 footer which is too tall for my 4x4 and another that is alittle over 4 feet which is about perfect based on how high I can raise my lights. But the plants in both my 4x4 and 3x3 overlap eachother and are pressed against the grow tent walls. They are about 2 weeks from Harvest. I am happy with how things are going so far if I can just finish them off with the curing process.

So my solution was to rearrange my grow space area for my next grow. By doing so I opened up a space that is about 6x9. So I purchased a 5 x 9 tent that is over 8 foot tall that fits my space available perfectly. However my plan was to have 4 grow lights in the new tent. One light for each plant. This way each of my plants could have its own space and not be cramped by the tent walls or my other plants.

So I ordered 2 more VS2000 lights that I thought I could use in the new tent. I was planning on moving my current TSW2000 and current VS2000 over to the new 5x9 grow space also. I can still return the 2 new VS2000 lights. I haven’t opened them yet but was planning on it today.

So my plan for the next grow in the new tent was to use just 1 light for all 4 plants during the seedling stage and then as they grow move to 2 plants under 2 lights eventually having each plant under their own light once they were big enough with enough space to not be crowded at all. Also giving me room to water and trim easier.

But it sounds like my strategy will not work based on the lights I’m using and square footage even though I am not using the entire grow tent footprint. I thought since Im not trying to cram pack the entire tent with plants that it wouldnt matter if I had proper coverage over the entire tent. That as long as each plant had the proper coverage that was all that was important.

My plan was to use my 4x4 tent as a drying tent and just get rid of the 3x3 all together.

So my question is will my plan work at all? Or should I just return the 2 VS2000 lights and order new higher wattage lights that will cover the 5x9 foot print. I would prefer to keep the big tent to use for growing going forward. Luckily I dont have to worry about saving money etc… I’m simply growing because Iove it. But I do want a good set up.

Thank you for any opinions and thoughts.

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To me this is not a question of working vs not working, but how well it will work. And that will have to be weighed on your expectations and what you will deem successful. And is all put into check by your budget.


Autos don’t need to be in a tent.

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