New grow seeking direction

MMJ just past and I am ready to rock and roll.
I have:
2 2x4x5 tents
15 autos on the way

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower
  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • Northern Lights Autoflower

5 x Cree 3590 3500K 80 CRI

LED Driver:


3 x Cree 3590 3500K 80 CRI

LED driver:


Coco 3 g fabric pots and general hydroponic nutes.
How can I pull this off most effectively?

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Don’t plant more than four for that space. with your lights you should have no problem filling it with 4. 5" isn’t much, maybe a net.

Bare w me please…I am hoping to use 14 sq ft. The light w 5 cobs fixture should cover the 2x4…the 3 cob fixture should cover 2x3.
Is that 4 total for the whole area?

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One Auto in a 4x4 tent, she got a lot bigger too.
I’m going to 1 RDWC Autoflower in a 3"x3" tent and one photoperiod plant RDWC in a 4x8 tent using 4x6 of it.

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More plants doesnt equal more product. You can harvest over a pound from one plant. First grow i put in 6. Since ive cut down to 4 & honestly could cut down more but i like variety. Also the smallest harvest was from 1st grow with the six.


So for plant count I would not do more than two and this is why:

Yield is generally calculated by the sq ft of your canopy (assuming scrog inside a tent of that size) not by plant number. Two plants inside that space will easily fill it and not over crowd which will be much easier to manage overall, especially if they’re auto flowers.

If this is going to be your first crop, start small and build from there. Use this time to learn everything about the plant that you can and then expand from there

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to go with 2 in the 2x4 and one in the 2x3 all photos. Hulkberry and cheese are growing well so far and more seeds are on the way. I am so grateful for all of the wisdom I am finding. My mind says more plants more yeild…just like life. It’s not always what it seems.


If you were outside & could let them grow into monsters then more would be more. Swing by some outdoor grower’s journal, you’ll freak. But you will be amazed how much room each will take up. With you going with less plants you will be able to utilize the entire plant.

Following suggestions. Thanks everyone for your wisdom.

You mentioned scrog…should I allow the plant to grow to 12 to 18" then attach trellis and then grow it out horizontally until the screen is filled…which will likely be an additional 12 to 18" then switch to flower? Will I have enough space to maintain my 20 " distance from the light to plant once the screen is filled?

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Due to your height constraint of 5’. I would consider lowering your trellis down to a foot or lower if you don’t mind bending the plant just a little and using Low Stress Training and tying your growth to the trellis until you fill your canopy.

Another option is if your LED’s have a controller or the option to dim the intensity a bit so as the plants get closer you won’t have to worry about bleaching them due to the light (You can get a light meter to measure PAR). At that point you’ll just have to see how much heat is reaching the leaves themselves to determine if it’s in a tolerable area.

Good evening Kalverra…my leaves seem a little light green/yellow. What do you suggest my next move be?

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To my eyes, I see a perfectly healthy plant, new growth will naturally be lighter colored than older growth. You only reaaallllyyy need to worry when you start to see them turning yellow.

Here’s a good pic of one of my poor babies that I had an issue with:

If you look at the top of the picture at those leaves, they have a good bit of yellow in them, which I don’t see in your plants. Also keep in mind I took these photos under natural light, and from what I can see you have your lights on when you took those pictures. When under different types of lights, your plant can appear to be a different color, when it’s actually just fine!

What happened:

I had to leave for a few days and she grew too close to the light and suffered some heat burn. But once I moved the light away and got some better ventilation setup (I was working with a temporary grow space at the time) she was much better

Even after all the abuse she took I still got some good larger than hand sized buds and cola’s off her (this was Girl Scout Cookie btw) and what a good smoke they were :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I guess my main point here is that you don’t need to be worried until you start to see her developing some bright yellow coloration. IF this were to happen to:

Older growth growth lower on the plant during Veg cycle): You need more nitrogen
Newer growth: It’s an Iron (Fe) issue. This is caused more by PH being out of whack causing nutrients to not be absorbed properly rather than an actual lack of iron.