New grow seed has a problem

So I started a new grow last Sunday, September 22nd. ILGM Seeds in PHd water first. They all sunk after 24 to 36 hours. Transferred all seeds to damp paper towels on saucers. Within 24 to 36 hours all seeds had very good tails, the initial tap root. So then put all sprouted seeds in 4 inch square starter pots with light warrior seed starter soil. All seeds broke thru within 3 days and look good, except one.
So the one problem seed looks like it is wearing the seed husk, like a helmet.
Does anyone have a suggestion of what if anything I could do to save this very fragile plant at this point? I can see leaves trying to poke out from the tip of this husk/helmet. If it matters the variety of seed is a Bergmans Gold Leaf…

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@Rocketman I do in fact have a game plan for you. I have this happen to one on every germination. It’s just the hull stuck to one of the cotyledon leaves. You can take a pair of tweezers and…gently…lift it off. It’s no big deal. It may take a little longer to open up all the way but no big deal.


@randomlyran has you covered. This happens to me from time to time too


Ok, so you folks gave me courage to try removing seed husk. I tried tweezers, no luck. Then I tried a needle and the husk popped right off.
Thanks for the suggestions.


A needle is a fine idea! I will remember that. I’ve had a few be a pain.

It actually worked out very easy. Put my finger behind the husk and put the needle in the opening. Pry very gently and popped right off.

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Yeah I had one do this first grow. Yeah it will catch up they always do.

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Glad you could save the little one, my current plant had the same problem and is growing fine.

The needle method also works well when the inner membrane protecting the seed does not separate.

IF you have a steady hand…little babies are very delicate

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Rest assured I do not have a steady hand. I shake like a crackhead looking for his or her next hit. No offense to crackheads. But I did get it done, and that little girl looks none the worse for wear.

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