New grow room with limited hight

Hi all,

I have 4 soil grows under my belt over the years, my last 2 grows have been under PlatinumLED lights.

I have recently moved to a new rental and this time, the height is a limiting factor in my grow space.
W 4ft x L 8ft x H 4-5ft

I am hoping to grow 2 x plants in a rdwc setup, using LST & ScrOG methods.

My question is what light would be best suited for my environment. I feel i wont have enough distance above my canopy for my current lights.

I expect to have about 40-50cm above my canopy.

@KeyboardDabbler hello I found these on Amazon the other day they’re spider farmer sf1000 but they are the old models only difference is they don’t have a dimmer sf is trying to sell em off at 60 bucks cheaper than the new ones. I grow with sf and I really like em plus 60 bucks off can’t beat it. Also you can run em 12 inches above your plants which would be nice in your situation 2x2 flower

i will keep a look out, as they are Currently unavailable.

they are alot cheaper than what i originally paid for the Platnium LED’s.

Damn guess they sold em all. They won’t be back like I said they were old models they were trying to get rid of. Didn’t notice they were out. They have the new model sf1000 still not sure if in stock though. I think they’re good lights they’re made with the exact same parts as the higher label brand lights and I know first hand customer service is excellent replaced light no questions after 2 years

With a 4x8 space you will need alot more than one or a bigger light because of your height limits you’ll have to keep the watts down though

Do you have a budget for lighting? How much dried flower do you need per harvest?

Edit: also, a warm welcome!