New grow room, heating question

I just finished the room a few weeks ago. about 6FT X 7FT. I have a heater that is controlled by a line thermostat and have a 6" exhaust fan going outside and have vents in my door for fresh air. The room was built inside my shop. Is there anyway to keep from exhausting all that nice warm air in the room and just sending it away, just doesn’t seem normal.Thanks

Maybe cut a tee in the 6 inch on the outside of the room put 2 dampers in

What is the standing temp and humidity of your room at the current time?

Think i misunderstood your post, put a temp control on the fan, so it only kicks on if it gets to hot

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I was under the impression that you always had to have constant air movement, old air out, new air in. The heater is on it’s own temp controller, i keep them between 77 and 72F.

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I don’t think it has to run constantly, hope not, i run mine to control the temp

Not sure I understand the question, the room stays at between 77 and 72F.

The ideal situation with venting would be to have a slow but constant circulation and the venting to control heat and RH build up. The tough bit is for those of you that use CO2. You don’t want to inject it just to vent it. As for heat loss, if you incorporate good activated carbon in your filtration system it may be possible and beneficial to vent indoors! As an example, we use wood heat that dries out the house air. Venting into the home helps to retain some, but not much LED! , heat but increase the O2 and RH of the house!

Just a thought, and it’s what I do , I run my lights at night, in the winter it helps with heat, and in summer it’s cooler at night

Tinman, that’s a good thought, I’m going on my third week of flowering so I don’t want to mess with the lights now but for sure on the next grow. I’m using a Bestva 1500 watt LED. Thanks Tinman.

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I sure remember using wood to heat our house 100% and how it would dry out your skin, don’t miss it-lol. I’m venting into my shop, not worried about any aroma in the shop, don’t need the filter. I’ve decided to not run the exhaust fan 24/7 not sure how long, will just have to play around with it. Appreciate your response Cannabian. Everyone on this forum is so helpful.