New grow project let's see how well they do indoor/outdoor

This is what there looking like now after defoiliation an pruning @dbrn32


Looks like things could get interesting. What did you strip all the leaves off for?

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I had stripped majority middle leaves to spread them out so it won’t become out of control. Don’t worry this is the only time I did this I’m going to let it grow out way more. Right now they are week 3 veg everything is growing back out. Basically making sure each cola gets space so no leaves touch each other to cause problems. I’m hoping things go very very well. Maybe all plants together will yield way more than previous grows. I don’t know whether I should top 2 or 3 more times so it won’t just have 4 or 5 main colas. I’m guessing when I put 600 watt light in and have more exhaust it will help thrive alot better. Really hoping the back right 30 gal pot that plant to bounce back from me accidentally snapping main cola almost completely off. I did see some sort of string type in middle of cola that were still attached I don’t know what its specifically called but I won’t be using co2 bags on this one so I can see how much better or worse they get. The ones outside though are a whole different story. Those are loving the sun still vegging an growing like crazy while the og Gelato flowers more I think it has 6 more weeks to go maybe 7 weeks. Found out one plant in 30 gal outside has cow manure on bottom an it is loving it so much. Got rid of those white bugs both outside and in tent. Og Gelato has been growing since sprout to now has been 185 days she is still stretching in 10 gal pot lol yes I know 185 days from sprout to now is a long time but wanted to see what will happen if I did that. No signs of hermie and no signs of stress nor diseases I’m pretty happy about how she is doing :grimacing: @dbrn32


Not checking them for 3 days then seeing this today blew my mind 4 week in veg about 5th week in couple days. It’s only gonna get better with another exhaust vent and another light I’m putting in tomorrow. Might have to add another scrog net

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Flower time! They had enough veg time more than 8 weeks plus had to put in other light totla of 1600 watt hps max setting so cool in there had to put in another vent in there. The are all most defenitly getting all the light they need :grimacing: this picture below is 1 1000 watt mh you see the difference between above picture and below picture? No more shade for the front little girls

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