New grow organics

Hi guys I’m just starting a new grow I’m trying organic grow this time the strains I’m using are white widow auto and Bluetooth auto the seeds are from sticky seeds UK I’m using Coco coir and compost and bat guano and worm castings that’s just for my soil for making my compost tea I will be using fish and kelp liquid with worm castings and organic compost and molasses I’m using a 300 watt led grow light dimmerable also I’m using fabric pots I will be doin some lst when the plants are bigger I’ve got abit to wait there about sprout in a few days ,I’ve been making my own potassium liquid out of bananas and brown sugar or molasses and Ive been making potassium powder out of dried banana skins aswell .let me know wat yous think


following along. what is the source of your compost? homemade?

Nice. Sounds like you are off to good start

If you want to know another trick. Tums. Tums is literally the same thing as jacks part B. Calcium nitrate.

Edit. My bad. Tums is carbonate.
But still a usable source of calcium. And cure for certain rare ailments. Hence my original cross. Was just studying it.

No it’s not homemade it’s shop brought but it has no other nutrients added it’s just all organic material .I will be looking at making my own compost soon


This is the light I’m using

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picture didn’t upload fully :slight_smile:

Yah that’s how the pic is

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I switched to organic living soil this grow. Also same with our vegetable and flower gardens. Best year ever for flowers and tomatoes! Looking forward to your progress.

Thank you I hope it turns out well for me and I hope to have a really good yeild I’m hoping that I should get any nutrient burn or deficiencies with this grow I will be doin compost tea and banana tea for them ,plus I have made my own potassium and phosphorus nutrient out of bananas and brown sugar I would mix one to two tablespoons with one and half litres of water maybe two litres

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I have been saving/drying my banana peels for used as a possible top dressing.

Will definitely try your recipe!

Hi guys my girls finally popped out of the soil now it shouldn’t take long for them to grow to be ready for transplanting into there final pots

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Hi guys these are my girls the one with the red tag is white widow auto and the other one is Bluetooth auto i dont know why the Bluetooth auto is the way it is for it just popped up that way

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I see that when I have low humidity but they grow through it, no problem :blush: they look good
Just to add my two cents, your soil looks dry with organic growing you want to keep your soil at least moist at all times even before planting, this keeps the soil microorganisms alive n happy :blush: good luck :+1:

Ive got those in solo cups there just sitting in holes in there forever home and ur right my humidity is low my humidifier died on me waiting for my new one to turn up

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I thought you had them sitting on the soil you were going to plant them in. That’s what looks dry not the solo cups they look good

Thank you so much ,yah it does look very confusing with having them sitting in a hole in solo cups a lot of people thought the same thing as you did .see i normally plant the seed straight into there forever homes but this time im trying solo cups until they get a good root system goin then i will transplant them into the 5gal pots

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Hi guys i just transplanted my girls into there forever homes let the fun begin

I’m out of :heart: so I had to give you two :heart::heart: good luck :+1: