New grow op help

Hi I am going to restart my grow op in July in an apartment. I was going to use an magnum XXXL double ended 1000w hood with a lumitek ballast. And for the soil I was planning on using tupurs coco mix for both veg and flower. Does anyone have any suggestions on using that soil vs. a different soil? It will be my second grow so I’m not too experienced. I tried hydro and that sh#$ is !@#$ing hard so I’m trying coco this time unless someone says otherwise.
Also if I were to use turpurs orange bag mix, (or a mix you suggest) which nutrients would work best for a high yield and high quality bud? I have been informed of fasilitor by aptus.
And what do people think of using GLR for veg using T5’s. Which is 12hrs on 5.5 hrs off 1hr on 5.5 off (suppose to give an explosive overdrive when flowered)
As well as any suggestions for a high yielding plant such as northern lights or an amazing fast growing hybrid.
And lastly does anyone have any suggestions on ventilation as it will be an apartment so I can’t cut holes in The wall for intake and exhaust air flow.

Much thanks

Did u ever start this grow? Did u use glr?