New Grow of Gold Leaf using Air Induction Technology

Hey Ya’ll,
I am looking into the Air Induction Technology (AIT) for growing my next grow. It is basically a modified DWC grow but with soil. I have found a lot of general information about it but nothing specific for growing cannabis.

I have a couple questions. Hopefully someone has used this system and can shed some light. The answers seems obvious but I wanted to get another mind on it. This is a great place to get advice from fellow growers. Don’t have many local growers that I can talk to here.

  1. All my available information only states soil. Since this is a drain system that need to be flushed every two - three weeks, I am thinking I can use coco coir for growing instead of soil and make it even more of a hydroponic grow. It seems like I should be able to but am not certain.

  2. The pH of the nutrients. It seems like you would use the lower end of pH (5.8 - 6.2) for your nutes as this is essentially a hydroponic grow with the roots covered with water all the time.

To me, this seems to be a basically a hydroponic grow all the way but seems a little easier to do with all my arthritis.

Thanks for your time ! Ya’ll take care and be safe! Jerry

BTW: This will hopefully become a grow log soon. Most likely it will be a month or two before I get it started. Want to travel to see family as soon as my heart doctor clears me next week (hopefully).


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Do it Vic, and make sure you make a journal because I would love to follow it!

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Thanks for the input. It was about what I expected but, as I said earlier, always nice to get input from fellow growers ! I looked at the site and read a lot on it as well as watching the videos and you-tube clips.

For me, it looks like it will be a good way to grow. You get the best of soil AND DWC. The set up looks like the output of money is going to be nominal and will pay for itself many times over on the first grow results. I have heard so much about Gold Leaf that I want to try it. If it comes out as good as I am hearing, I may start a mother plant and keep on trucking from there. With a high THC and a high CBD, sounds like a good choice. Gonna try to start as soon as I get back from vacation in mid Sept. Might be ready for a New Years party, if not, our 36th anniversary on Jan 17th !

Ya’ll take care and be safe! Jerry



This sounds a like something I tryed Some time back. Before the first of the year.
Yup, I just saw the video. Same thing. I killed or wasted three too plants on this
You can try it Jerry but it didn’t work for me. When we talked the other night that’s what I thought you were talking about but wasn’t sure until I saw the video.
I’ll see if I can find the link to my posts on this


@ TxGrowman it’s not fun getting old but man it was very fun getting there my friend , in today’s society 25 is a lifetime now , but hang in there my friend and make the best of what’s left as good as you can , and you are in my prayers Sir .


HI Will,
That would be nice to see what happened. The science behind it seems sound enough. Would like to see what happened exactly. I may still try it and use your notes to help me work on my grow ! Sometimes it helps to see what has happened on other growers attempts to make your own grow work better. Growing cannabis is a lot of personalizing your grow to make it work for you !

Thanks for the input buddy. Would love to see your log on it. Jerry

Hey Yoshi ! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the prayers ! ! And Don’t call me sir, I worked for a living ! (That’s a joke from my military days.) LOL Yea, it was sure fun getting to this point ! Looks like I am going to slide into the grave, Bong in one hand, beer in the other and a hot lady at my side watching me slide ! LOL What a long crazy trip it has been !