New grow no buds

About the best I can do sorry and I understand

Hm. Yeah my phone only zooms in so far. Maybe @HappyHydroGrower @Newt @CygnusX1 can take a gander and see if they can evaluate trichomes from those photos?

I just can’t make out enough detail to help, sorry man :cry:


Ok no big deal and thank you. You have already been more help than I could possibly ask for

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I can’t really make out the trichomes, but based on everything else I can see: bud structure, pistils, etc., I’d say you are getting pretty close. Maybe a week… Pics like this would be helpful:


Download the mag light app for your phone.

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Ok guys I downloaded the app.

Uploading: 2022-7-26 19-54-32.jpg…

Sorry Im not very tech savvy not much use for it in my world.

Those are worse than the other pics damn. Guess ill wait my week and just harvest thank you all. Ill send more pics after the week

Gotta zoom in with the bottom bar on app. You can see it zoom in and out, then hit the cam icon bottom left.

Thats DE powder dust

Thats the best it will do zoomed all the way in.

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@SippiGrower is that better? And @Graysin what do ya think?

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That is pretty darn good.

I see lots of cloudy, I can’t make out any amber on the buds at all. Means you’re within the window but if you have any clear trichomes left, I’d hang out for a bit and wait for them to turn. Some of the milky trichs will convert to amber while the clears become milky.

If I had to take a total shot in the dark, I’d say you’re about a week away from a pretty good harvest. If you want couchlock, 3 weeks easy.

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Put camera right on the buds. It helps if you can prop on something to hold it steady. But much better amigo!

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Cool guys thanks alot. Ill let her rip for a bit. Get more pics in a week or so. Not sure if I want couch maybe in between.

@Graysin @SippiGrower pictures of Velma from tonight.


I just want to take a big bite of that! Looks delicious!!:+1:t2:

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Very nice lookin’ lady!

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Thanks guys I think Im ready to harvest but we are having a stretch of 90 degree days. So would it be ok if I wait till next week?