New grow no buds

Im sorry yo yos? Is that aimed at me?

I was under the impression rhat gow support meant just what it says. Some people have never grown pot and dont undersrand the process. All you had to say was no need to ck runoff or something. No need to be rude. And this is the tester I got. Answer if you want or dont ill figure it out!

That went a little sideways. We all want you to succeed. Search THIS site for detailed directions on the meters. There are several answers to your question. I use living soil so never use them anymore.

Yes it certainly did and I figured out how to use the meter. I guess my new question would be if I over water plant to ck run off isnt that bad for the plant? Also I would have to add more water with the nutrients in it. Btw ppm is 130 at faucet ph is off the chart i have which goes to 7.6. I do have ph down however to bring water into a comfy range for the plant. And living soil that is interesting.

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Nevermind I figured it out. At this point its at 3 months so is what it is. If I screw up at this point. I will just start over. Thanks to you guys I have over 500 invested now. So no turning back. Thanks again for all the advice.

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Once you are dialed in you will get a return on investment first good harvest. Make it fun for yourself and you will get great satisfaction. Always here for you. Earth Dust is AMAZING. Easiest grows I have ever done. No ph. No nutes. No ppms. Only water. 2 ammendments during grow.

@Dman72 was directed to @storm. I use the plant ‘yoyo’ to help hold up the branches. The buds are heavy and pulling the stem down.

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Thank you for the clarification @new2-420 . Ijust saw the yo yo comment out of nowhere. Glad your buds are doing well Im still trying to figure it out. Although I did do run off test ph is 6. Ppm is 780. And ec is 1.1.

Those are good parameters. How’s the grow looking?

@Graysin … I dont know. To me for 3 months not great. I wish I would have heard those were good numbers earlier because I looked online and said not good so I hit it with tigerbloom and bigbloom now runoff is at 6 ph, 2.1 ec. And 1390 ppm

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Those are also good numbers.

Runoff ranges are pretty broad but I usually evaluate based on the plant’s appearance before I turn to runoff. I suspect that is why you were checking, though.

She looks pretty dang good to me, there’s slight beginnings or old remnants of a nutrient deficiency - looks like a little P, a little K, and a little Cal/Mag (can’t tell the difference if I’m honest - I see the signs for one or the other and mentally compartmentalized the solution as “feed CalMag”). So based on the runoff before feeding and her appearance, you did exactly what I’d have done. Honestly I would probably use a 1/4 dose of Grow Big when you feed next (not super important now, just might add a little splash some time in the next 5-7 days) - reason being the plant still wants more N than Tiger Bloom can supply, but she won’t need anywhere near as much as a full dose of Grow Big would supply. Hope that helps.

You’re on the right track and tbh your plant looks like she’s got her energy on bud building now, just a matter of time before she’s too heavy to hold herself up. :v:

@Graysin thank you! Im still on a learning curve but still trying. Got growbig and calmag on order. Will definitly use them next feeding hopefully will liven her up a bit! Btw no real smell yet either unlees I rub leaves or put my nose on flowers. Hopefully that isnt an issue. But sure can hit her with those nutients midweek. And again thank you!


Not an issue at all. Some plants don’t develop much of a smell until after they are dried and cured.


Thats good to hear and thanx again! Will update later in the week eye surgery again tomorrow.

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@Graysin so just hit her with a slash of grow big, calmag, and tigerbloom. But this is pictures i took of before it. Also interesting. Purple leaves.

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Wonder if it’s just phenotype expression. Hmm.

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I read that. But Iam lowering ph on it . Been at 6 now. I checked my ph at faucet and its 8. But for the past 3 or so weeks ive made sure it was 6. Could that be it? And is that detrimental to the plant in your experience?