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I know the nutritional Feeding of a plant changes when it goes from a seedling to a vegetative State. What is the point when the plant is not a seedling

Once it has established root system and proceeds with pushing nutrients to vegetation growth rather then getting its footing

That makes sense but there is no way to judge what you’re saying Has happened

How? Has the plant grown and started making leaves?

You can see it in clones way easier what I’m talking about .

Seedling/ clone stage

Vegetative stage

This point you can clearly see it has established roots and started production on vegetative growth

Where in the first pic the plant is trying to establish roots and have the ability to survive

Okay great I appreciate the information but how long did that grow take to get to the vegetative state?My plants broke soil from the seed 4 days ago And just wondering What kind of time.Or visual appearance I should be looking for before I change My feeding

I don’t feed until he cots die. Then I start a light feeding. Usually within 2-3 weeks from there I will move to early growth feeding from seedling feed amounts. But this also depends on what medium you are growing in. I use Promix with no fertilizer. If you are using a hotter soil then you may not need to add any nutrients Jmo

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Thanks for the information

I use ocean forest and don’t feed until flower. The width of the root mass usually is about the area your canopy takes up to give a general idea.
Veg is pretty easy , for flower you’ll really need to feed.