New grow need some help from the pros second run around

Hello this is my second run and everything was going well until one month into veg my new leafs are not looking well. I’ve never Incounter this on my last grow there growing but the new leaves not looking to well any pointers. @Myfriendis410 @imSICKkid @Covertgrower @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Aquaponic_Dumme @ILGM.Roy

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Looks pretty normal to me. What specifically are you concerned about?


Look pretty good to me as well.


If you are worried about the lighter color of new growth you can stop worrying now. It is normal. Chlorophyll in those leaves have not had a chance to mature yet. The leaves will take on the color of other, more mature, growth as time passes.


@MidwestGuy I’m worried about the twisting in the leaves they do look healthy but that’s my concern it’s been going on for a week now there not growing out normal


I have a bit of twisting in New growth as well. Would love to see if anyone thinks its a problem. Looks exactly the same as yours


Looks fine to me.


Hello, can I send it abroad?

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Hello, can you post to foreign customers?

Sure that’s fine

I don’t see the foreign option on the website, only the United States

I don’t see the foreign option on the website, only the United States 。Can you teach me how to do it

Oh I thought you were asking if you can post my comment on a foreign page but you want to switch settings on website. sorry I don’t know how to do that I’m kinda of new to form my self

Maybe @latewood would know


Fill out a support ticket, so we do not have to guess at what you are or have done. :slight_smile:

What are you talking about “abroad”?

What strain jack herer, seed bank seedsman,
Age of plant: from seed to now 45 days
Method: Soil fox farm ocean forest
Vessels: Pots plastic 5 gallon
PH is 6.5 and ppm is at about 800 run off soil has lots of nutrients already in it.
method used to measure PH pen and ppm pen
Indoor space 5x5 tent
Light system mars hydro fc 6500
Actual wattage draw of lights 432 right now its at 75% power
Current Light Schedule: 18/ 6
Temps; Day 78 degrees, Night 65 degrees
Humidity; Day 47 , Night 50
Ventilation system; Yes two osaltingfans 8 in, cold air Humidifier also has a fan that shoots strait up air, also ac infinty 8in inline with carbon filter
Co2: No

Nothing to worry about. I’ve seen this in numerous grows.

OK. So you are not doing anything wrong for the most part. Not sure you need to add nutrients to Ocean Forest until5-6 weeks into Veg.

Another thing is the rating of your light. you are saying it is 650 watts…right? Well I did not look, but Mars Hydro LED lamps do not always reflect the true wattage by model number. i.e. A Mars Hydro 300 is only 140 watts. Might be something to check.

Still have no idea what you meant by overseas or abroad statements.

Thanks for the help I’ll dial back on nutrients and that was not me that was someone else who was asking about overseas or abroad statements it was woodlouse… oh and the mars hydro light I have is the mars hydro 6500 it’s actually 621 watts at full power based of the manufacturer info but ya your right the info is not always correct added a pic of the light…


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